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Background documents

Regional workshop on promoting international collaboration to facilitate preparation, submission and implementation of NAMAs
16 - 19 April 2013, Maseru, Lesotho 

pdf-icon Information note (168 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (128 kB)

pdf-icon Workshop Report (191 kB)


 Day 1
 Part I:  NAMA concept
pdf-icon  Status of negotiations on NAMAs (164 kB)  UNFCCC secretariat
 pdf-icon Typology of NAMAs (1914 kB)  UNEP Risoe Center
 Part II: NAMA preparation and implementation process
 Lessons learned from TNA  UNFCCC secretariat
pdf-icon Step by step guide for development of NAMAs (2976 kB)  GIZ
pdf-icon  Best practices in multi-stakeholder consultations (1607 kB)  UNDP

 Day 2
 Part III: Institutional arrangements
 pdf-icon Institutional building process (712 kB) UNDP
 pdf-icon DNA: Experiences from CDM (709 kB)  Morocco
 pdf-icon DNA: Experiences from CDM (233 kB)  Uganda

pdf-icon Country experiences inestablishing institutional
arrangements for NAMAs
(483 kB)

pdf-icon Additional information on DRC's institutional set up (150 kB)
pdf-icon Country experiences in establishing institutional
arrangements for NAMAs
(853 kB)
 Part IV: Financing
 Support from multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations Oral presentation by donors 
 pdf-icon Criteria for fundable NAMAs (464 kB)  European Commission

 Day 3
 Part IV: Financing
pdf-icon Financial engineering, including investment approaches
for leveraging financing from different sources
(1044 kB)
 UNEP Risoe Center
 pdf-icon Using climate finance to mobilize private sector (1254 kB)  Overseas Development Institute
 Part V: MRV
 pdf-icon MRV in the context of UNFCCC (132 kB) UNFCCC secretariat
pdf-icon MRV of NAMAs (572 kB) GIZ
 pdf-icon National experiences in setting up MRV systems (1347 kB) Egypt
 pdf-icon National experiences in setting up MRV systems (1406 kB) Ghana
 pdf-icon National experiences in setting up MRV System (647 kB)  Kenya
pdf-icon CDM standardized baselines development,
progress, and use in NAMA context
(988 kB)
UNFCCC secretariat

 Day 4 - NAMA Approvers' Forum 
 Part VI: Overview of the registry
 pdf-icon General design of the registry and its functions (955 kB)  UNFCCC secretariat
 Part VII: Role fo the NAMA registry in facilitating mitigation action
 pdf-icon Country presentations on national processes for using the Registry (398 kB)  South Africa