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FCCC/PRT/910 E01/11/2010books
 Cities and carbon market finance [electronic resource] : taking stock of cities' experience with clean development mechanism (CDM) and joint implementation (JI).   more >>


CLI/GEN/1009 B01/05/2009books
 Adapting cities to climate change: Understanding and addressing the development challenges.   more >>

ENV/GEN/2 B13/09/1993books
 Urban air pollution in megacities of the world.   more >>


LAN/FOR/201 B01/03/1984books
 Forestry handbook.   more >>

CLI/POL/19 Bbooks
 Saving the climate - saving the cities: A municipal agenda.   more >>

ENE/GEN/101 Bbooks
 Urban energy handbook. Good local practice.   more >>

ENV/GEN/152 Bbooks
 The urban oasis. Guideways and greenways in the human environment.   more >>

ENE/GEN/51 Bbooks
 Environmental considerations and options in managing India's long-term energy strategy (ECO MILES).   more >>