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FCCC/GEN/284 E01/02/2013books
 The Oxford approach [electronic resource] : Operationalizing the UNFCCC principle of 'respective capabilities'.   more >>


DEV/SUS/349 B01/07/2009books
 Climate change and sustainable development: New challenges for poverty reduction.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1008 B01/06/2009books
 The natural fix? The role of ecosystems in climate mitigation.   more >>


FCCC/PRT/772 E01/01/2009books
 Urban governance for adaptation [electronic resource] : assessing climate change resilience in ten asian cities.   more >>


FCCC/TP/2008/320/11/2008official document
 Physical and socio-economic trends in climate-related risks and extreme events, and their implications for sustainable development.Technical paper.   more >>


CLI/GEN/900 B01/06/2008books
 Climate change and human rights: A rough guide.   more >>


CLI/GEN/901 B01/03/2008books
 Climate confusion: How global warming hysteria leads to bad science, pandering politicians, and misguided policies that hurt the poor.   more >>

FCCC/CP/2007/L.7/Rev.114/12/2007official document
 Revised draft decision -/CP.13: Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention. Proposal by the President.   more >>

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ORG/UNDP/13 B23/04/2007books
 Capacity development for environmental sustainability - UNDP country level initiatives.   more >>


DEV/SUS/85 B23/04/2007books
 Johannesburg and beyond: Toward concrete action.   more >>

DEV/GEN/82 B01/04/2007books
 The bottom billion: Why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it.   more >>

ENV/GEN/160 B01/04/2007books
 The Anil Agarwal reader series.   more >>

FCCC/SBI/2006/L.3314/11/2006official document
 Special Climate Change Fund. Draft conclusions proposed by the Chair.   more >>

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FCCC/PRT/535 B01/11/2006books
 The clean development mechanism: An assessment of progress.   more >>


CLI/GEN/647 B01/10/2006books
 Just one planet: Poverty, justice and climate change.   more >>

DEV/GEN/81 B01/06/2006books
 The chaos point: The world at the crossroads.   more >>

FCCC/SBI/2005/18/Add.125/10/2005official document
 Sixth compilation and synthesis of initial national communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention. Note by the secretariat. Executive summary. Addendum. Sustainable development and the integration of climate change concerns into medium- and long-term planning.   more >>

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ECO/GEN/163 B01/01/2005books
 The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/534 B01/01/2004books
 Climate change and the Kyoto Protocol's clean development mechanism.   more >>

DEV/GEN/47 B01/01/2004books
 UN contributions to development thinking and practice.   more >>

ECO/GEN/148 B01/11/2003books
 Ecosystems and human well-being: A framework for assessment.   more >>


DEV/GEN/20 B05/03/2003books
 Poverty and climate change. Reducing the vulnerability of the poor through adaptation.   more >>


DEV/GEN/60 B01/01/2000books
 Poverty and development into the 21st century.   more >>

ENE/GEN/162 B01/01/2000books
 Energy 2000: Review of the energy policy of the Asian Development Bank.   more >>

ECO/GEN/83 B28/09/1997books
 Microfinance for the poor?   more >>

ENV/POL/31 B01/01/1996books
 Environmental policy in an international context.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/38 B01/02/1992books
 Ensuring access to clean water by women and children in rural Kenya.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/54 B01/02/1992books
 National report. Selected case studies on the role of women in sustainable development.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/9 B01/11/1991books
 Environment, health and development: Research for people by people.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/15 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: African women's indigenous knowledge in the management of natural resources.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/16 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Impact of poverty on enviornmental degradation on women migrant workers.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/14 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Street and working children: A case study of Motia Khan.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/11 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Consumption patterns of the north - the cause of environmental destruction and poverty in the south.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/12 B01/07/1991books
  Women and children first: The impoverishment of the environment.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/13 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Women's roles, population issues, poverty and environmental degradation.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/17 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first. Report of the UNCED/UNICEF/UNFPA symposium on poverty and environmental degradation.   more >>

ASI/PRO/1 B01/01/1991books
 First regional meeting and research agenda.   more >>

ECO/GEN/31 Bbooks
 Capturing global environmental value.   more >>