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Report on the 25th meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. Note by the secretariat.

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The 25th meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) was held in Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania, on 27 and 28 February 2014. At the meeting, progress on the implementation of the work programme of the LEG for 2013–2014 was reviewed, with a focus on the following activities: an update on national adaptation programmes of action; technical guidance and support to the least developed countries (LDCs) on national adaptation plans (NAPs); support of knowledge management and outreach in adaptation in the LDCs; development of information resources for strengthening gender considerations and considerations regarding vulnerable communities in adaptation planning and implementation in the LDCs; a tool for the monitoring and evaluation of progress, effectiveness of and gaps in NAPs; support for coherence and synergy of adaptation-related efforts under the Convention; and an update on collaboration with a wide range of organizations. It also presents the two-year rolling work programme of the LEG for 2014–2015.

Item 7 of the provisional agenda
Matters relating to the least developed countries

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Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI), Fortieth session, 4-15 June 2014, Bonn, Germany