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Report on the discussions on key elements of the potential host agreement for the Climate Technology Centre. Note by the secretariat.

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UNFCCC. Secretariat

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This report, prepared by the secretariat, presents the outcome of the discussions on the key elements of the potential host agreement for the Climate Technology Centre (CTC) between the secretariat and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (on behalf of a consortium of partner institutions), which is the proponent ranked first by the Subsidiary Body for Implementation, at its thirty-sixth session, for hosting the CTC. The key elements of the potential host agreement are contained in the draft memorandum of understanding between the Conference of the Parties and UNEP, which is contained in the annex to this document

Item 13(b) of the provisional agenda
Development and transfer of technologies
Matters relating to the Climate Technology Centre and Network: selection of the host and constitution of the advisory board

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United Nations Office at Geneva
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Geneva (Switzerland)
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Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI), Thirty-seventh session, 26 November - 1 December 2012, Doha, Qatar