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Publication date Material type
FCCC/PRT/86 B01/12/2003books
 CDM information and guidebook.   more >>


ECO/TRA/57 B01/02/2004books
 Climate and trade rules: Harmony or conflict?   more >>


FRA/IMP/1 B03/06/1998books
 Environnement. Rapport d'activité 1998. Aménagement du territoire 1998.   more >>

FRA/IMP/2 B03/06/1999books
 Environnement. Rapport d'activité 1999. Aménagement du territoire 1999.   more >>

CLI/GEN/257 B05/03/2003books
 School manual on climate change.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/85 B27/11/2003books
 How will global warming affect my world? A simplified guide to the IPCC's "Climate Change 2001: Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability".   more >>


REF/GEN/90 B01/01/2003books
 Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity.   more >>

MAN/GEN/32 B18/09/2003books
 Why not? How to use everyday ingenuity to solve problems big and small.   more >>

TEC/GEN/29 B01/10/2002books
 Technological change and the environment.   more >>

MDG/COM/1 B22/02/2004books
 Madagascar. République de Madagascar. Communication nationale initiale de Madagascar. Convention Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatique.   more >>


FCCC/GEN/33 B01/12/2003books
 The clean development mechanism: A user's guide.   more >>


CLI/GEN/263 B01/02/2004books
 Oil crises and climate challenges: 30 years of energy use in IEA countries.   more >>


TJK/COM/2 B01/01/2003books
 Tajikistan. The first national communication of the Republic of Tajikistan to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Phase 2. Capacity building in priority areas.   more >>

English Russian

TJK/COM/3 B01/12/2003books
 Tajikistan. The first national communication of the Republic of Tajikistan to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Phase 2. Increasing the potential of priority areas. Projects for financing. Capacity building in priority areas.   more >>

DEV/SUS/139 B01/08/2002books
 Finance for sustainable development. Testing new policy approaches.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/90 B25/01/2000books
 IPCC special report. Land use, land-use change and forestry. Summary for policymakers.   more >>


EUR/POL/24 B01/08/1999books
 Strategies and policies for air pollution abatement.   more >>

DEV/SUS/140 B01/05/2001books
 Sustainable development success stories. Special issue on small island developing states.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/127 B29/03/2004books
 Responding to climate change - Solutions aux changements climatiques.   more >>

CLI/GEN/267 E03/03/2004books
 Promotion and protection of human rights: Information and education: Written statement.   more >>


DEV/SUS/143 B01/12/2001books
 Sustainable energy future: Policy options, barriers and action plans - "Shifting towards a sustainable energy development path".   more >>

ENV/POL/99 B01/04/2004books
 Red sky at morning: America and the crisis of the global environment.   more >>

REF/DIC/25 B01/08/1999books
 Black's law dictionary.   more >>

DEV/SUS/146 B01/03/2003books
 Measuring sustainability: Learning from doing.   more >>

ENE/GEN/197 B25/02/2004books
 Energy subsidies. Lessons learned in assessing their impact and designing policy reforms.   more >>


ECO/GEN/149 B03/04/2003books
 Globalization and its discontents.   more >>

DEV/SUS/147 B01/01/2004books
 Survival for a small planet. The sustainable development agenda.   more >>

REF/GEN/94 B15/03/2004books
 How to lobby at intergovernmental meetings.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/104 E01/04/2004books
 Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol without Russian participation [electronic resource]   more >>


REF/GEN/95 B01/01/2003books
 Facilitation skills.   more >>

AUS/GEN/9 B01/06/1998books
 A poisoned chalice. Australia and the Kyoto Protocol.   more >>


CZE/GEN/1 B01/02/1998books
 A national strategy for joint implementation in the Czech Republic.   more >>


DEV/SUS/153 Bbooks
 An equitable and sustainable strategy to avert global warming.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/110 B01/06/2003books
 Framing future commitments. A pilot study on the evolution of the UNFCCC greenhouse gas mitigation regime.   more >>


FCCC/GEN/37 B01/09/2003books
 Caring for climate : a guide to the Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol.   more >>

English Spanish Turkish

FCCC/GEN/38 B01/11/2005books
 The Kyoto Protocol to the Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish

FCCC/GEN/39 B01/10/2002books
 Understanding climate change : A beginner's guide to the UN Framework Convention and its Kyoto Protocol.   more >>

English French Spanish German

FCCC/GEN/40 B01/11/2005books
 Convention on climate change.   more >>

Arabic English French Russian Spanish

FCCC/GEN/97 B01/05/2004books
 Reporting on climate change. User manual for the guidelines on national communications from non-Annex I Parties.   more >>

FCCC/GEN/42 B01/01/2003books
 Counting emissions and removals: Greenhouse gas inventories under the UNFCCC.   more >>


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