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LBN/COM/3 E01/01/1999books
 Lebanon. National GHG mitigation strategy assessment of Lebanon's vulnerability to climate change.   more >>


FCCC/PRT/809 B01/04/2009books
 Developing country interests in climate change action and the implications for a post-2012 climate change regime.   more >>


SCI/GHG/482 B01/09/2007books
 Carbon strategies: How leading companies are reducing their climate change footprint.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1013 B01/05/2008books
 Climate change: What's your business strategy? (Memo to the CEO).   more >>

FCCC/PRT/808 B01/01/2008books
 The function of side events at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>


ECO/TRA/293 B01/03/2008books
 EU emissions trading: Initiation, decision-making and implementation.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1011 B01/12/2008books
 Stormy weather: The challenge of climate change and displacement.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1009 B01/05/2009books
 Adapting cities to climate change: Understanding and addressing the development challenges.   more >>

TRA/POL/3 B01/12/2008books
 Vehicular pollution and health: A way forward for mitigation.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1008 B01/06/2009books
 The natural fix? The role of ecosystems in climate mitigation.   more >>


CLI/GEN/1012 B01/02/2009books
 Biometeorology for adaptation to climate variability and change.   more >>

EUR/GEN/116 E01/12/2008books
 The impact of the EU ETS on electricity prices.   more >>


ENV/POL/122 B01/06/2009books
 Uncertainties in environmental modelling and consequences for policy making.   more >>

ASI/GEN/24 B01/02/2004books
 Himachal Pradesh Himalaya: India. Inventory of glaciers and glacial lakes and the identification of potential glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) affected by global warming in the mountains of Himalayan region.   more >>

ASI/GEN/25 B01/08/2004books
 Spatial data input, attribute data handling and image processing for the inventory of glaciers and glacial lakes and the identification of potential glacial lake outburst floods.   more >>

ASI/GEN/26 B01/02/2003books
 Pumqu basin: Inventory of glaciers, glacial lakes and the identification of potential glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) affected by global warming in the mountains of Himalayan region.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/795 B01/09/2007books
 Framework for a post-2012: Agreement on climate change. A proposal of global leadership for climate action.   more >>


ASI/GEN/23 B01/06/2007books
 Impact of climate change on Himalayan glaciers and glacial lakes.   more >>

BRA/GEN/21 B01/05/2007books
 Sugar cane's energy: Twelve studies on Brazilian sugar cane agribusiness and its sustainability.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/794 B01/05/1998books
 Adaptation to climate variability and change. Workshop summary.   more >>

REF/GEN/142 B01/11/2006books
 UN procurement practitioner's handbook   more >>


CLI/GEN/987 B01/06/1997books
 Conference proceedings: The international climate change conference and technologies exhibition.   more >>

ASI/GEN/22 B01/06/1999books
 Research abstracts and key policy questions: Methodology workshop: Environmental services and land use change.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/793 B01/09/1998books
 Ministerial clean development mechanism forum.   more >>

REF/COM/152 B01/01/2005books
 IT performance management.   more >>

ORG/UNEP/37 B01/01/2007books
 UNEP handbook for drafting laws on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.   more >>


ENE/GEN/479 B01/03/2009books
 Biofuels and food security: Implications of an accelerated biofuels production.   more >>


LAO/NAPA/1 E01/04/2009books
 Lao People's Democratic Republic. National adaptation programme of action to climate change.   more >>


FCCC/PRT/777 E01/02/2009books
 Exploring comparable post-2012 reduction efforts for annex I countries [electronic resource]   more >>


FCCC/PRT/779 E01/10/2008books
 Proposals for contributions of emerging economies to the climate regime under the UNFCCC post 2012 [electronic resource]   more >>


FCCC/PRT/780 E01/08/2013books
 CDM in charts [electronic resource] : version 23.0.   more >>


SCI/IPCC/129 B12/05/2009books
 Towards new scenarios for analysis of emissions, climate change, impacts, and response strategies.   more >>


SLB/NAPA/1 E01/11/2008books
 Solomon Islands. National adaptation programmes of action.   more >>


YEM/NAPA/1 E01/04/2009books
 Yemen. Republic of Yemen. National adaptation programme of action (NAPA).   more >>


 Croatia. Independent assessment report of the national registry of Croatia [electronic resource]   more >>


FCCC/PRT/772 E01/01/2009books
 Urban governance for adaptation [electronic resource] : assessing climate change resilience in ten asian cities.   more >>


 IT Service Catalog Management ToolKit.   more >>

ORG/ISO/43 E15/08/2002books
 Air quality — Evaluation of the suitability of a measurement procedure by comparison with a required measurement uncertainty.   more >>

CLI/GEN/967 B01/01/2008books
 A climate for life: Meeting the global challenge.   more >>

FRA/GEN/11 B01/11/2006books
 Division par quatre des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la France à l'horizon 2050.   more >>

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