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SCI/MON/6 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the fourth atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


DEU/POL/6 Fbooks
 UN climate summit in Berlin. 1st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, March 28 - April 7, 1995.   more >>

AFR/PRO/1 Bbooks
 Regional: Building capacity in the Maghreb to respond to the challenges and opportunities created by national response to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/1 Bbooks
 Review of adquacy of commitments: A protocol to the climate convention   more >>

DEU/POL/1 Bbooks
 Climate Berlin: Berlin's contributions to climate protection.   more >>

MYS/EFF/1 Bbooks
 Climate change in Asia: Malaysia   more >>

VNM/EFF/1 Bbooks
 Climate change in Asia: Viet Nam   more >>

FCCC/GEN/1 Bbooks
 Report of the biodiversity and climate change forum for small island developing states.   more >>

ECO/TAX/1 Bbooks
 Energy taxation and economic growth   more >>

WMO/1 Bbooks
 Consolidated programme and budget 1996-1999: Secretary-General's proposals   more >>

MAR/GEN/1 Bbooks
 Cross-sectoral, integrated coastal area planning (CICAP). Guidelines and principles for coastal area development.   more >>

ESP/INV/1 Bbooks
 Método Corine-aire para la elaboración del inventario nacional de gases de efecto invernadero y precursores de ozono.   more >>

CLI/GEN/9 Bbooks
 The global greenhouse regime - Who pays? Science, economics and North-South politics in the Climate Change Convention.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/39 Bbooks
 Summary of results of the international conference on joint implementation, 1-3 June 1994, Groningen, The Netherlands.   more >>

ENE/GEN/17 Bbooks
 New renewable energy resources: A guide to the future.   more >>

MAN/GEN/10 Bbooks
 The human touch: Today's most unusual program for productivity and profit   more >>

SCI/MON/21 Bbooks
 WMO WDCGG data catalogue.   more >>

CHE/GEN/1 Bbooks
 Rio: Suivi et retombées.   more >>

ITA/GEN/1 Bbooks
 Report on the state of the environment in Italy.   more >>

ENE/TEC/55 Bbooks
 Market penetration by solar photovoltaic energy technology   more >>

FCCC/IMP/41 Bbooks
 A critique of joint implementation. A southern perspective.   more >>

FCCC/REV/8 Bbooks
 Implementation review of climate change convention commitments   more >>

FCCC/GEN/8 Bbooks
 Protecting the atmosphere. The climate change Convention and its context.   more >>

JPN/EFF/1 Bbooks
 The potential effects of climate change in Japan.   more >>

CLI/INV/17 Bbooks
 Climate protection in Germany: National report of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in anticipation of Article 12 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

ENE/GEN/71 Bbooks
 Energy as an instrument for socio-economic development.   more >>

CLI/GEN/105 Bbooks
 Agreements on climate protection - The verification problem   more >>

NOR/INV/1 Bbooks
 Greenhouse gas emissions in Norway. Inventories and estimation methods.   more >>

ECO/GEN/79 Bbooks
 Politics and economic growth: A cross-country data perspective.   more >>

ENV/GEN/144 Bbooks
 Motor vehicle pollution: Reduction strategies beyond 2010   more >>


ORG/CBD/6 Bbooks
 The Cartagena Protocol on biosafety. Reconciling trade in biotechnology with environment and development?   more >>

REF/GEN/77 Bbooks
 Records management and the library. Issues and practices.   more >>

FCCC/PRT/23 Bbooks
 Japan and the Kyoto Protocol: Conditions for ratification.   more >>

ORG/CBD/3 Ebooks
 A guide to undertaking biodiversity legal and institutional profiles [electronic resource]   more >>


SCI/GHG/59 Bbooks
 Optimal economic growth when CO2 constraints are critical.   more >>

LAN/AGR/34 Bbooks
 Manual on integrated soil management and conservation practices: Manual based on the training course: Soil management and conservation - efficient tillage methods for soil conservation held at IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria, 21 April - 1 May 1997.   more >>


ORG/UN/15 Bbooks
 Hymn to the United Nations.   more >>

CAN/POL/3 Bbooks
 Fifth national climate change conference proceedings.   more >>

SCI/GHG/49 Bbooks
 Annual European Community grennhouse gas inventory 1990-99: Submission to the secretariat of the UNFCCC.   more >>

ENE/TEC/86 Bbooks
 Decades tools: User's manual for version 1.0.   more >>

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