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Publication date Material type
RUS/GEN/1 Fbooks
 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the post Soviet economies: A role for Western business?   more >>

FCCC/NEG/4 Bbooks
 International negotiations on climate change   more >>

ENE/TEC/17 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the World Coal Institute conference and exhibition: Coal in the environment.   more >>

IND/GEN/4 Bbooks
 Sustainable development: Learnings and perspectives from India. Based on a nationwide consultative process.   more >>

ORG/CBD/3 Ebooks
 A guide to undertaking biodiversity legal and institutional profiles [electronic resource]   more >>


TEC/TOT/11 Bbooks
 Workshop on stimulating technological change: The FCCC in the context of developing country initiatives at the second session of the Conference of the Parties.   more >>

ENE/GEN/130 Bbooks
 The energy charter treaty and related documents.   more >>

ECO/GEN/112 Bbooks
 Sustainable business: Economic development and environmentally sound technologies.   more >>

ORG/CBD/1 Bbooks
 A guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity.   more >>

TEC/TOT/10 Bbooks
 Positive measures for technology transfer under the Climate Change Convention.   more >>

TEC/TOT/12 Bbooks
 Climate change in Asia and Brazil: The role of technology transfer.   more >>

ENE/GEN/54 Bbooks
 The environmental management of low-grade fuels.   more >>

ENE/TEC/43 Bbooks
 New electricity 21: Designing a sustainable electric system for the twenty-first century: Coference proceedings.   more >>

FCCC/NEG/17 Bbooks
 Shaping national responses to climate change: A post-Rio guide.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/18 Bbooks
 Cambio climático: Estrategias de respuesta del IPCC   more >>

CHN/POL/3 Bbooks
 China: Issues and options in greenhouse gas emissions control.   more >>


USA/PRO/1 B01/10/1988books
 U.S. actions for a better environment: A sustained commitment.   more >>

DEV/SUS/8 B01/01/1990books
 Regional conference on global warming and sustainable development, 18-20 June 1990, Sao Paulo, Brazil.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/17 B01/01/1990books
 Stratégies d'adaptation au changement climatique.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/16 B01/01/1990books
 Climate change: The IPCC response strategies.   more >>


ENE/POL/7 B01/01/1991books
 A comprehensive approach to climate change: Additional elements from an inter-diciplinary perspective.   more >>

ENE/TEC/53 B01/01/1991books
 Final report on technology transfer opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   more >>

TEC/TOT/2 B01/02/1991books
 Global climate change: The role of technology transfer.   more >>

A/AC.237/Misc.2/Corr.117/06/1991official document
 Compilation of possible elements for a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Note by the secretariat. Corrigendum.   more >>


A/AC.237/Misc.2/Rev.120/06/1991official document
 Compilation of possible elements for a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Note by the secretariat.   more >>


ORG/UNCED/31 B01/07/1991books
 Thailand's experience on environmental research and training.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/26 B01/07/1991books
 Impacts of climate change.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/11 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Consumption patterns of the north - the cause of environmental destruction and poverty in the south.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/18 B01/07/1991books
 Women and children first: Water for life.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/43 B01/07/1991books
 Women, children and environment: Implications for sustainable development.   more >>

ORG/UNCED/10 B01/07/1991books
 Brazilian experiences on management of environmental issues: Some findigs on the transfer of technology.   more >>

A/AC.237/Misc.2/Rev.1/Corr.105/07/1991official document
 Compilation of possible elements for a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Note by the secretariat. Corrigendum.   more >>


A/AC.237/WG.I/CRP.3/Rev.119/09/1991official document
 Submitted by the the Bureau of Working Group 1. Commitments on financial resources and technology.   more >>

Arabic English French

A/AC.237/WG.I/WP.115/10/1991official document
 Note by the secretariat.   more >>

Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish

A/AC.237/Misc.1/Add.1522/10/1991official document
 Preparation of a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Set of informal papers provided by delegations, related to the preparation of a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Note by the secretariat. Addendum 15.   more >>


ORG/UNCED/9 B01/11/1991books
 Environment, health and development: Research for people by people.   more >>

TEC/TOT/3 B01/11/1991books
 ESETT '91: International symposium on environmentally sound energy technologies and their transfer to developing countries and European economies in transition.   more >>

TEC/TOT/1 B01/12/1991books
 Technology cooperation related to global climate change: A selected inventory.   more >>

A/AC.237/WG.II/CRP.918/12/1991official document
 Negotiation of a Framework Convention on Climate Change. Elements relating to mechanisms. Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Malasya, Mexico, United Republic of Tanzania, Vanuatu and Venezuela: Alternative proposal for Article 22 (Administratitve mechanism for financial resources and technology transfer) contained in the revised single text on the elements relating to mechanisms (A/AC.237/Misc,23) submitted by the Co-chairmen of Working Group II.   more >>

Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish

ENV/GEN/5 B01/01/1992books
 Changing course: A global business perspective on development and the environment.   more >>

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