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ENV/POL/34 Bbooks
 Global environmental politics: India and the north-south politics of global environmental issues.   more >>

ENV/POL/30 Bbooks
 Economic development and environmental policy   more >>

CLI/EFF/75 Bbooks
 The impact of climate change on ecosystems and species: Environmental context.   more >>

ECO/GEN/37 Bbooks
 Argument in the greenhouse: The international economics of controlling global warming   more >>

ECO/TRA/17 Bbooks
 International trade and the Montreal Protocol   more >>

SCI/GHG/35 Bbooks
 Carbon dioxide and methane emissions: A developing country perspective   more >>

ENE/GEN/43 Bbooks
 The strategic value of fossil fuels: Challenges and responses: Conference proceedings.   more >>

ENE/TEC/43 Bbooks
 New electricity 21: Designing a sustainable electric system for the twenty-first century: Coference proceedings.   more >>

ENV/POL/9 Bbooks
 Reconciling trade, environment and development policies: The role of development co-operation   more >>

DEV/SUS/61 Bbooks
 Fair principles for sustainable development: Essays on environmental policy and developing countries.   more >>

ENE/GEN/129 Bbooks
 Working together for an energy efficient future.   more >>

DEV/SUS/2 Bbooks
 GATT, the WTO and sustainable development: Positioning the work program on trade and environment.   more >>

CLI/POL/1 Bbooks
 Climate Change: Policy instruments and their implications   more >>

FCCC/GEN/16 Bbooks
 The Framework Convention on Climate Change: Developed country commitments on greenhouse emissions   more >>

CLI/POL/32 Bbooks
 Global climate change: Actions and policies of national governments   more >>

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