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CLI/GEN/201 B01/02/1998books
 The economics of greenhouse gas limitations: Main reports.   more >>

ENV/GEN/175 B01/01/1998books
 The struggle for accountability: The World Bank, NGOs, and Grassroots movements.   more >>

ENE/TEC/62 B01/01/1998books
 Greenhouse gas mitigation: Technologies for activities implemented jointly. Proceedings of technologies for activities implemented jointly, 26th-29th May 1997, Vancouver, Canada.   more >>

FCCC/CP/1997/CRP.510/12/1997official document
 Report of the round table on transfer of technology and know-how. Note by the secretariat.   more >>


MEX/COM/1 B09/12/1997books
 Mexico. First national communication for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

English Spanish

FCCC/CP/1997/CRP.308/12/1997official document
 Implementation of Article 4.8 of the Convention.   more >>


FSM/COM/1 B04/12/1997books
 Micronesia (Federated States of). Climate change national communication.   more >>


FCCC/CP/1997/Misc.302/12/1997official document
 Review of information and possible decisions under article 4.2(f). Submission by Turkey. Note by the secretariat.   more >>


ENE/TEC/60 B02/11/1997books
 Financing renewable energy projects: A guide for development workers.   more >>

SEN/COM/1 B01/11/1997books
 Senegal. Communication initiale du Sénégal dans le cadre de la Convention cadre des nations unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC).   more >>


URY/COM/1 B15/10/1997books
 Uruguay. First national communication of Uruguay.   more >>

English Spanish

FCCC/NEG/21 B05/09/1997books
 A pragmatic response to climate change.   more >>

ENE/TEC/56 B10/08/1997books
 Biomass energy: Key issues and priority needs, Paris, France, 3rd-5th February 1997. Conference proceedings.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/92 B10/08/1997books
 German co-operation with developing countries on climate policies: Contributions of German Technical Co-operation to implement the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

FCCC/SBI/1997/CRP.304/08/1997official document
 Proposed Chairman's Draft on agenda item 5 of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation at its sixth session.   more >>


ARG/COM/1 B01/07/1997books
 Argentina. Primera comunicación del gobierno de la República Argentina.   more >>


FCCC/SBI/1997/Misc.516/06/1997official document
 Communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention. Views of Parties on a process for considering non-Annex I communications. Note by the secretariat.   more >>

Chinese English Spanish

FCCC/AGBM/1997/3/Add.122/04/1997official document
 Report of the Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate on the work of its sixth session, Bonn, 3-7 March 1997. Addendum. Proposals for a protocol or another legal instrument. Negotiating text by the Chairman.   more >>

Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish

FCCC/IMP/101 B01/04/1997books
 The Climate Change Convention and developing countries: From conflict to consensus?   more >>

CLI/GEN/140 B01/03/1997books
 International conference on opportunities and problems of early actions for climate protection, 30-31 March 1997, Kyoto, Japan. Chairperson's summary.   more >>

ECO/TRA/22 B05/01/1997books
 The TRIPs agreement: A guide for the south: The Uruguay round agreement on trade-related intellectual property rights.   more >>


FCCC/IMP/96 B01/01/1997books
 Activities implemented jointly: Partnerships for climate and development.   more >>

CLI/POL/63 B01/01/1997books
 Rising sun, gathering winds: Policies to stabilize the climate and strengthen economies.   more >>

ENV/POL/28 B01/01/1997books
 Trade, environment and sustainable development: A South Asian perspective.   more >>

ENV/GEN/327 B01/01/1997books
 Industrial ecology and global change.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/51 B01/01/1997books
 Proceedings. International AIJ workshop, Leipzig, March 1997 in the framework of Terra Tec-Forum environmental global markets.   more >>

CLI/GEN/98 B31/10/1996books
 Proceedings: Greenhouse gas emissions under developing countries point of view.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/61 B15/10/1996books
 Implementing JI/AIJ: A guide for establishing national joint implementation programs.   more >>

FCCC/CP/1996/L.916/07/1996official document
 Decisions to promote the effective implementation of the Convention. Financial mechanism. Guidance to the Global Environment Facility. Recommendation of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation.   more >>

Chinese English French Russian Spanish

CLI/GEN/130 B25/06/1996books
 Measures to prevent a climate change. A contribution of German technical co-operation to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.   more >>

FCCC/NEG/19 B01/06/1996books
 Sharing the effort: Analysing options for differentiating commitments under the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

ECO/TRA/19 B05/01/1996books
 Enhancing South-South trade.   more >>


ECO/TRA/20 B05/01/1996books
 International commodity problems and policies: The key issues for developing countries.   more >>


ENV/GEN/62 B01/01/1996books
 Institutions for environmental aid: Pitfalls and promise.   more >>

ENE/GEN/42 B01/01/1996books
 Towards clean transport: Fuel-efficient and clean motor vehicles.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/10 B15/10/1995books
 The feasibility of joint implementation.   more >>

FCCC/IMP/11 B15/10/1995books
 The strategy of joint implementation in the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

AFR/POL/3 B13/09/1995books
 A climate for development: Climate change policy options for Africa.   more >>

LAN/AGR/15 B25/05/1995books
 World agriculture: Towards 2010: An FAO study.   more >>


FCCC/CP/1995/Misc.519/03/1995official document
 Review of the list of countries included in Annex I to the Convention. Submission by the Government of Turkey. Note by the interim secretariat.   more >>


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