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Publication date Material type
ENV/GEN/22 B01/01/1992books
 Adoption of agreements on environment and development: Agenda 21.   more >>

AFR/POL/2 B01/01/1995books
 African conference on policy options and responses to climate change: Conference statement.   more >>

ASI/POL/2 B02/11/1990books
 ASEAN workshop on scientific, policy and legal aspects of global climate change: Summary of workshop proceedings.   more >>

ASI/EFF/5 Bbooks
 The Asian-Pacific seminar on climate change proceedings.   more >>

CLI/GEN/48 Bbooks
 The churches' role in protecting the earth's atmosphere   more >>

EUR/POL/7 Bbooks
 Climate change policy in the European Community: Report of a workshop held at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, October 1992.   more >>

CLI/POL/37 B01/01/1995books
 Climate change research: Evaluation and policy implications. Volume A and Volume B.   more >>

CLI/EFF/103 B01/10/1996books
 Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in Asia and the Pacific.   more >>

CLI/POL/1 Bbooks
 Climate Change: Policy instruments and their implications   more >>

SCI/IPCC/41 B01/01/1992books
 Climate change: Proceedings of a workshop on assessing technologies and management systems for agriculture and forestry in relation to global climate change.   more >>

CLI/EFF/12 B01/01/1991books
 Climate change: Science, impacts and policy. Proceedings of the second world climate conference.   more >>

NZL/POL/2 Bbooks
 Climate change: The New Zealand response: Proceedings of a workshop.   more >>

EUR/POL/8 Bbooks
 CO2 reduction strategies in Europe.   more >>

WMO/10 B01/01/1993books
 Commission for basic systems: Abridged final report of the tenth session, 2-13 November 1992, Geneva.   more >>

ENE/POL/7 B01/01/1991books
 A comprehensive approach to climate change: Additional elements from an inter-diciplinary perspective.   more >>

TWN/GEN/1 B25/05/1993books
 Conference on agricultural environmental quality: Proceedings.   more >>

USA/POL/1 Bbooks
 Conference proceedings of the international conference on climate change, July 27-28 1994, Washington (DC).   more >>

FCCC/IMP/36 B15/10/1994books
 Criteria for joint implementation under the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

ENE/POL/165 B08/09/1989books
 Energy policies to address climate change. Proceedings of a Workshop, 6-8 September 1989, University of California, Davis, California.   more >>

ENE/TEC/13 Bbooks
 Energy technologies for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases: Proceedings of an expert's seminar, 12-14 April 1989, Paris.   more >>

TEC/TOT/3 B01/11/1991books
 ESETT '91: International symposium on environmentally sound energy technologies and their transfer to developing countries and European economies in transition.   more >>

CLI/INV/6 B01/08/1991books
 Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks: Final report.   more >>

ASI/PRO/1 B01/01/1991books
 First regional meeting and research agenda.   more >>

ENE/POL/5 B01/01/1991books
 Global climate change: A petroleum industry perspective.   more >>

EUR/INV/3 Bbooks
 Greenhouse gas emissions and response policies in Central and Eastern Europe.   more >>

FCCC/CP/1995/7/Add.1/Corr.215/09/1995official document
 Informe de la Conferencia de las Partes sobre su primer período de sesiones, celebrado en Berlín del 28 de marzo al 7 de abril de 1995. Adición. Segunda parte: Medidas adoptadas por la Conferencia de las Partes en su primer período de sesiones. Correción.   more >>


FCCC/CP/2001/13/Add.2/Corr.114/04/2003official document
 Informe de la Conferencia de las Partes sobre su s├ęptimo per├şodo de sesiones, celebrado en Marrakech del 29 de octubre al 10 de noviembre de 2001. Adici├│n. Segunda parte: Medidas adoptadas por la Conferencia de las Partes. Volumen II. Correcci├│n.   more >>


ENE/TEC/21 B01/01/1992books
 International conference on coal, the environment and development: Technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 18-21 November 1991, Sydney, Australia.   more >>

ENE/POL/4 B06/08/1990books
 International conference on energy in climate and development: Policy issues and technological options: Report of the conference, 28-31 May 1990, Saarbrücken, Germany.   more >>

CLI/POL/18 Bbooks
 Limiting greenhouse effects: Controlling carbon dioxide emissions.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/45 B01/04/1993books
 National GHG inventories: Transparency in estimation and reporting. Parts I and II.   more >>

FCCC/GEN/17 B01/01/1993books
 OECD Informal experts meeting on climate change national plans held on 16 - 17 February 1993 in Paris: Final summary report   more >>

CAN/POL/2 Bbooks
 Out of balance. The risks of irreversible climate change.   more >>

SCI/MON/6 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the fourth atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


ENE/TEC/18 B31/10/1993books
 Proceedings of the international energy agency carbon dioxide disposal symposium.   more >>

SCI/MON/16 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the second atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


SCI/MON/17 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the third atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


ENE/TEC/17 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the World Coal Institute conference and exhibition: Coal in the environment.   more >>

CLI/GEN/40 B21/10/1989books
 Proceedings of the world conference on the changing atmosphere: Implications for global security.   more >>

ECO/POL/1 Bbooks
 Proceedings: Seminar on linking technical energy systems models with macro-economic approaches, 7-9 June 1993, Oxford, United Kingdom.   more >>

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