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Publication date Material type
ENV/GEN/22 B01/01/1992books
 Adoption of agreements on environment and development: Agenda 21.   more >>

AFR/POL/2 B01/01/1995books
 African conference on policy options and responses to climate change: Conference statement.   more >>

ASI/POL/2 B02/11/1990books
 ASEAN workshop on scientific, policy and legal aspects of global climate change: Summary of workshop proceedings.   more >>

ASI/EFF/5 Bbooks
 The Asian-Pacific seminar on climate change proceedings.   more >>

CLI/GEN/48 Bbooks
 The churches' role in protecting the earth's atmosphere   more >>

EUR/POL/7 Bbooks
 Climate change policy in the European Community: Report of a workshop held at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, October 1992.   more >>

CLI/POL/37 B01/01/1995books
 Climate change research: Evaluation and policy implications. Volume A and Volume B.   more >>

CLI/EFF/103 B01/10/1996books
 Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in Asia and the Pacific.   more >>

CLI/POL/1 Bbooks
 Climate Change: Policy instruments and their implications   more >>

SCI/IPCC/41 B01/01/1992books
 Climate change: Proceedings of a workshop on assessing technologies and management systems for agriculture and forestry in relation to global climate change.   more >>

CLI/EFF/12 B01/01/1991books
 Climate change: Science, impacts and policy. Proceedings of the second world climate conference.   more >>

NZL/POL/2 Bbooks
 Climate change: The New Zealand response: Proceedings of a workshop.   more >>

EUR/POL/8 Bbooks
 CO2 reduction strategies in Europe.   more >>

WMO/10 B01/01/1993books
 Commission for basic systems: Abridged final report of the tenth session, 2-13 November 1992, Geneva.   more >>

ENE/POL/7 B01/01/1991books
 A comprehensive approach to climate change: Additional elements from an inter-diciplinary perspective.   more >>

TWN/GEN/1 B25/05/1993books
 Conference on agricultural environmental quality: Proceedings.   more >>

USA/POL/1 Bbooks
 Conference proceedings of the international conference on climate change, July 27-28 1994, Washington (DC).   more >>

FCCC/IMP/36 B15/10/1994books
 Criteria for joint implementation under the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

FCCC/ADP/2015/L.331/08/2015official document
 Draft report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action on the tenth part of its second session, held in Bonn from 31 August to 4 September 2015. Rapporteur: Ms. Yang Liu (non-Annex I)   more >>

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ENE/POL/165 B08/09/1989books
 Energy policies to address climate change. Proceedings of a Workshop, 6-8 September 1989, University of California, Davis, California.   more >>

ENE/TEC/13 Bbooks
 Energy technologies for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases: Proceedings of an expert's seminar, 12-14 April 1989, Paris.   more >>

TEC/TOT/3 B01/11/1991books
 ESETT '91: International symposium on environmentally sound energy technologies and their transfer to developing countries and European economies in transition.   more >>

CLI/INV/6 B01/08/1991books
 Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks: Final report.   more >>

ASI/PRO/1 B01/01/1991books
 First regional meeting and research agenda.   more >>

ENE/POL/5 B01/01/1991books
 Global climate change: A petroleum industry perspective.   more >>

EUR/INV/3 Bbooks
 Greenhouse gas emissions and response policies in Central and Eastern Europe.   more >>

FCCC/CP/1995/7/Add.1/Corr.215/09/1995official document
 Informe de la Conferencia de las Partes sobre su primer período de sesiones, celebrado en Berlín del 28 de marzo al 7 de abril de 1995. Adición. Segunda parte: Medidas adoptadas por la Conferencia de las Partes en su primer período de sesiones. Correción.   more >>


FCCC/CP/2001/13/Add.2/Corr.114/04/2003official document
 Informe de la Conferencia de las Partes sobre su séptimo período de sesiones, celebrado en Marrakech del 29 de octubre al 10 de noviembre de 2001. Adición. Segunda parte: Medidas adoptadas por la Conferencia de las Partes. Volumen II. Corrección.   more >>


ENE/TEC/21 B01/01/1992books
 International conference on coal, the environment and development: Technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 18-21 November 1991, Sydney, Australia.   more >>

ENE/POL/4 B06/08/1990books
 International conference on energy in climate and development: Policy issues and technological options: Report of the conference, 28-31 May 1990, Saarbrücken, Germany.   more >>

CLI/POL/18 Bbooks
 Limiting greenhouse effects: Controlling carbon dioxide emissions.   more >>

SCI/IPCC/45 B01/04/1993books
 National GHG inventories: Transparency in estimation and reporting. Parts I and II.   more >>

FCCC/GEN/17 B01/01/1993books
 OECD Informal experts meeting on climate change national plans held on 16 - 17 February 1993 in Paris: Final summary report   more >>

CAN/POL/2 Bbooks
 Out of balance. The risks of irreversible climate change.   more >>

SCI/MON/6 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the fourth atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


ENE/TEC/18 B31/10/1993books
 Proceedings of the international energy agency carbon dioxide disposal symposium.   more >>

SCI/MON/16 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the second atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


SCI/MON/17 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the third atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science team meeting.   more >>


ENE/TEC/17 Bbooks
 Proceedings of the World Coal Institute conference and exhibition: Coal in the environment.   more >>

CLI/GEN/40 B21/10/1989books
 Proceedings of the world conference on the changing atmosphere: Implications for global security.   more >>

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