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AFR/POL/2 B01/01/1995books
 African conference on policy options and responses to climate change: Conference statement.   more >>

AFR/PRO/1 Bbooks
 Regional: Building capacity in the Maghreb to respond to the challenges and opportunities created by national response to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>

AGO/COM/1 E01/02/2012books
 Angola. Angola initial national communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>


AZE/COM/2 E01/01/2001books
 Azerbaijan. Initial national communication of Azerbaijan Republic on climate change. Phase 2. Capacity improvement activities on climate change in the priority sectors of economy of Azerbaijan.   more >>


BFA/COM/1 B01/12/2001books
 Burkina Faso. Convention-cadre des nations unies sur les changements climatiques. Communication nationale du Burkina Faso.   more >>


BFA/COM/3 B01/12/2001books
 Burkina Faso. Convention-cadre des nations unies sur les changements climatiques. Annexes de la communication nationale du Burkina Faso.   more >>


BHS/COM/2 B01/04/2001books
 Bahamas. Commonwealth of the Bahamas. First national communication on climate change. Submitted to the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for presentation to the Conference of Parties.   more >>


CHN/COM/3 E01/01/2012books
 China. The second national communication on climate change of the People's Republic of China.   more >>


CHN/GEN/1 B25/04/1994books
 China's agenda 21: white paper on China's population, environment, and development in the 21st century.   more >>

CHN/GEN/2 B01/01/1994books
 Priority programme for China's agenda 21. First tranche.   more >>

CLI/GEN/1 B01/11/1994books
 Climate change and the agenda for research   more >>

CLI/GEN/127 Bbooks
 Understanding our own planet: An overview of major international scientific activities.   more >>

CLI/GEN/169 B05/12/1997books
 Climate change: Mobilising global effort.   more >>

CLI/GEN/207 Bbooks
 Report of the adequacy of the global climate observing systems: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: November 2-13, 1998, Buenos Aires, Argentina.   more >>


CLI/GEN/909 B01/09/2008books
 Climate change in Asia: Perspectives on the future climate regime.   more >>

DEV/GEN/10 Bbooks
 Capacity for development. New solutions to old problems.   more >>

DEV/SUS/104 B01/01/2002books
 Capacity building for sustainable development: An overview of UNEP environmental capacity development activities.   more >>


DEV/SUS/53 B01/01/2000books
 Climate change and development.   more >>


DEV/SUS/7 B01/01/1995books
 Sustainable development and international law.   more >>

DEV/SUS/84 Bbooks
 Country capacity development needs and priorities: Report for Small Island Development States.   more >>

DEV/SUS/87 Bbooks
 Country capacity development needs and priorities: Regional report for Asia Pacific.   more >>

DEV/SUS/90 Bbooks
 Synergies in National Implementation:The Rio Agreements.   more >>


DMA/COM/2 E01/01/2012books
 Dominica. Commonwealth of Dominica. Second national communication of the Commonwealth of Dominica under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   more >>


ECO/GEN/83 B28/09/1997books
 Microfinance for the poor?   more >>

ECO/GEN/91 B01/01/1996books
 The theory of institutional design.   more >>

ENE/POL/39 B30/12/1997books
 Policies and measures for financing energy efficiency in countries with economies in transition.   more >>

ENV/GEN/107 B01/01/1995books
 Developing environmental capacity: A framework for donor involvement   more >>

ENV/GEN/15 B01/01/1992books
 An agenda of science for environment and development into the 21st century.   more >>

ENV/GEN/33 B01/01/1993books
 Global environmental accords: Implications for technology, industry and international relations.   more >>

ENV/LAW/10 B31/12/1996books
 UNEP/UNITAR/UNCHS (Habitat) training programme in environmental law and policy.   more >>

ENV/POL/24 B01/01/1997books
 National environmental policies: A comparative study of capacity-building: With a data appendix: International profiles of changes since 1970.   more >>

FCCC/GEN/162 E01/04/2011books
 The clean development mechanism [electronic resource] : A review of the first international offset program.   more >>


FCCC/GEN/197 B01/10/2007books
 Uniting on climate 2007 [electronic resource] : a guide to the climate change convention and the Kyoto Protocol.   more >>

English Spanish

FCCC/GEN/198 B01/01/2008books
 Climate change: Impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation in developing countries.   more >>


FCCC/GEN/201 E01/11/2007books
 The Nairobi work programme - Update on the implementation of the Nairobi work programme [electronic resource]   more >>

English Turkish

FCCC/GEN/204 E01/12/2008books
 The Nairobi work programme - The second phase [electronic resource]   more >>


FCCC/GEN/206 E01/05/2009books
 The nine work areas of the Nairobi work programme [electronic resource]   more >>

English Spanish

FCCC/GEN/249 B01/05/2009books
 Least developed countries under the UNFCCC   more >>


FCCC/GEN/253 E01/12/2009books
 Least developed countries : support needed to fully implement national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) [electronic resource]   more >>


FCCC/GEN/258 E01/02/2011books
 Cancún de-briefing [electronic resource] : An analysis of the Cancún agreements.   more >>


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