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Least Developed Countries Expert Group

The objective of the least developed country expert group (LEG), established as part of the Marrakesh Accords, is to provide advice to LDCs on the preparation and implementation of national adaptation programmes of action. It is composed of 12 experts, including five from African LDC Parties, two from Asian LDC Parties, two from small island LDC Parties, and three from Annex II Parties. In order to ensure linkages between the LDC expert group and the CGE on adaptation issues, at least one member of the LDC expert group from an LDC and one from an Annex II Party are also members of the CGE. The LDC expert group meets twice a year.

23 - 25 September 2004
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Documents & Reports

(PDF) Report on the second LEG meeting, Bonn

(PDF) Report on the first LEG meeting, Arusha

(PDF) LEG annotations to the NAPA guidelines