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Submissions from non-Party stakeholders to the CMP

This web page includes non-Party stakeholder submissions until December 2017.

For submissions made after December 2017, please see the Submission and Statement Portal.


Further views from Parties and admitted observer organizations on how the joint implementation guidelines and other decisions of the CMP pertaining to joint implementation should be revised
(pdf-icon Decision 6/CMP.8, paragraph 12)
18 February 2013

Intergovernmental organization Date  Document 
 World Bank 14 February 2013  pdf-icon Submission by the World Bank 
Non-governmental organizations Date Document
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and Project Developer Forum Ltd (PD-Forum) 18 February 2013

pdf-icon Submission by IETA and PD-Forum

Designated Operational Entities and Independent Entities Association (D.I.A.) 16 February 2013 pdf-icon Views on the Review of the JI
Climate Action Network International (CAN-I) 15 February 2013 pdf-icon Submission by CAN-I

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Submissions from Parties
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