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Submissions from non-Party stakeholders

The SBI agreed that requests for submission of information and views could be extended to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) where appropriate and that they would be made available on the secretariat website. (FCCC/SBI/2010/27, paragraph 148 and FCCC/SBI/2004/10, paragraph 104)

The submission web pages for non-Party stakeholders are categorized by the negotiating body considering the submissions. Furthermore, in order for the UNFCCC process to benefit from as many views and information materials as possible, submissions from non-admitted organizations can also be considered for posting.

Please note that NGO submissions would not be issued as official documents in order not to expand the volume of documentation in accordance with the aforementioned SBI conclusions.

Non-Party stakeholder submissions

How to prepare and submit a submission

In order to ensure the accountability of the organizations making submissions and smooth processing of the clearance procedure, below are the guidelines for non-Party stakeholders submissions:

  1. Submissions should clearly indicate which mandate they are in response to. For the exact reference, please see the respective page for each negotiating body on the Submissions Portal.

  2. Name of the organization should be clearly mentioned in the heading. In case of a submission from a non-admitted organization, the letterhead should carry the logo and contact details of the organization.

  3. Submissions should reflect the views of an organization as a whole and therefore not credit an individual author;

  4. Submissions from individuals will not be processed;

  5. Joint submissions from IGOs and NGOs
    The names of the admitted IGOs should be entered alphabetically followed by the admitted NGOs in alphabetical order and then \\'also [on behalf of][in cooperation with]\\' should be shown before listing the non-admitted organizations in alphabetical order.
    Joint submissions from admitted and non-admitted organizations
    The admitted organizations should be listed first in alphabetical order and then \\'also [on behalf of][in cooperation with]\\' should be shown before listing the non-admitted organizations in alphabetical order.

  6. UN and IGO submissions should be sent in both Word and PDF formats;

  7. NGO submissions should be sent in PDF format only;

  8. Submissions should be sent to, where receipt will be acknowledged;

  9. If the submission is from an admitted observer organization, it should be sent by the Designated Contact Point (DCP) of that organization. The DCP can be found under the contact details of admitted organizations at the links below.

  10. If the submission has to be sent by someone else from an admitted organization, then the DCP should be copied on the email, as an indication to the secretariat that it has been cleared by the DCP. The contact details of admitted organizations are available here (IGOs and NGOs);

  11. Submissions will be displayed under the description of the mandate that the submission refers to.

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