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Submission and Statement Portal


The secretariat is proudly presenting its enhanced version of the Submission and Statement Portal, which provides access to submissions and statements from Parties and non-Party stakeholders.

The Submission and Statement Portal is a public site. The submissions and statements can be accessed easily through filters and a search function, which includes searching the documents' content. Uploading submissions and statements is however limited to certain groups. Please refer to the information under Parties and non-Party stakeholders below for further details.

The portal includes submissions from Parties since July 2014 - earlier submissions, including those from non-Party stakeholders, can be found under the respective "archive" sections below.

The portal also includes the outcomes of COP 23/CMP 13/CMA 1.2, SBSTA 47, SBI 47 and APA 1-4. Parties, as well as non-Party stakeholders, may upload their submissions at their earliest convenience. Calls for upcoming sessions can easily be identified under the relevant section.

Click here to access the Submission and Statement Portal