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Access is available to our rich collection of all official documents and other relevant documentation issued since 1991 as part of the process of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and of the Kyoto Protocol.

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Latest Documents
Mitigation benefits and co-benefits of policies, practices and actions for enhancing mitigation ambition and options for supporting their implementation: the social and economic value of carbon and the promotion of efficient public transport and energy efficiency of vehicles. Technical paper by the secretariat.
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Technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Lebanon submitted on 13 October 2015. Summary report by the team of technical experts.
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Technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Argentina submitted on 9 December 2015. Summary report by the team of technical experts.
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France. Report of the technical review of the second biennial report of France.
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Revised indicative contributions for the biennium 2016–2017. Note by the secretariat.
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