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Literature relating to the linkages between adaptation and sustainable development

The information contained on this page is designed in response to the mandate given at the twentieth session of the SBSTA, which requested the secretariat to make available through the UNFCCC website published papers relating to the linkages between adaptation and sustainable development to facilitate the discussion on this subject at the in-session workshop.

The list below is not meant to be an exhaustive list of information on the linkages between adaptation and sustainable development but rather a useful overview of recent literature exploring these linkages.

The bibliographic citations below include links to full-texts, whenever possible. For those items not linked to the full-text, users may contact the UNFCCC library and documentation centre for assistance in obtaining the item.

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Comprehensive environmental projects: Linking adaptation to climate change, sustainable land use, biodiversity conservation and water management.
Rojas Blanco, Ana Victoria more >>
Interactions between climate change and sustainable development – an introduction.
Mohan Munasinghe more >>
Adaptation to climate change and variability in the context of sustainable development.
Ian Burton, Luis Gómez-Echeverri more >>
Adaptation, development assistance and planning: Challenges and opportunities.
Shardul Agrawala more >>
Analysing the nexus of sustainable development and climate change: An overview.
Mohan Munasinghe more >>
Climate change, adaptive capacity and sustainable development.
Richard J.T. Klein more >>
Come hell or high water: Integrating climate change vulnerability and adaptation into Bank work.
Ian Burton, Maarten van Aalst more >>
Distributional aspects of climate change impacts.
Richard S.J. Tol, Thomas E. Downing, Onno J. Kuik, Joel B. Smith more >>
Exploring linkages between natural resource management and climate adaptation strategies.
Jan Corfee-Morlot, Martin Berg, Georg Caspary more >>
From adaptation to adaptive capacity and vulnerability reduction
Barry Smit, Olga Pilifosova more >>
Integrating climate change and sustainable development.
John B. Robinson, Deborah Herbert more >>
Integrating mitigation and adaptation into climate and development policy: Three research questions.
Richard J.T. Klein, Lisa E. Schipper, Suraji Dessai more >>
Linkages between climate change and sustainable development.
Noreen Beg, Jan Corfee Morlot, Ogunlade R. Davidson, Yaw Afrane-Okesse, Lwazikakzi Tyani, Fatma Denton, Youba Sokona, Jean Philippe Thomas more >>
Look before you leap: A risk management approach for incorporating climate change adaptation into World Bank Operations.
Ian Burton, Maarten van Aalst more >>
Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in least developed countries (LDCS).
Saleemul Huq, Atiq Rahman, Mama Konate, Youba Sokona, Hannah Reid more >>
Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change.
Robert K. Dixon more >>
Poverty and climate change. Reducing the vulnerability of the poor through adaptation.
African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Department for International Development, United Kingdom, European Commission. Directorate-General for International Cooperation, Directorate General for Development, Germany, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, The Netherlands, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), The World Bank more >>
Pro-poor climate adaptation: Norwegian development cooperation and climate change adaptation: An assessment of issues, strategies and potential entry points.
Siri Eriksen, Lars Otto Naess more >>
Societal adaptation to climate variability and change.
Sally M. Kane, Gary Yohe more >>
Vulnerability and adaptation assessments to climate change: An evolution of conceptual thinking.
Hans-Martin Füssel, Richard J.T. Klein more >>