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Report of the Adaptation Committee. The 32nd meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. Addendum. Recommendations of the Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group for addressing decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 41, and, in collaboration with the Standing Committee on Finance, decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 45.

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The Conference of the Parties (COP) at its twenty-first session requested the Adaptation Committee (AC) and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) to undertake three tasks in order to assist in the implementation of the Paris Agreement, with outputs to be considered by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA) at its first session. This document places these mandates in the context of the Paris Agreement and, in relation to each of them, presents recommendations for consideration by the COP and/or the CMA, as appropriate. Considerations used to develop the recommendations are contained in the annex.

SBI. Items 10 and 12 of the provisional agenda Matters relating to the least developed countries Report of the Adaptation Committee
SBSTA. Item 4 of the provisional agenda Report of the Adaptation Committee
This is an advance distribution version of the document to assist delegations in preparing for the session. An identical, official, English version and, translations in the other official languages of the United Nations will be posted on the web site as soon as they are available from the United Nations Office in Geneva


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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 29/09/2017