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Report on the experience-sharing workshop on technology needs assessments. Note by the secretariat.

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An experience-sharing workshop on technology needs assessments (TNAs) was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme, in collaboration with the secretariat, and held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 10 to 12 September 2012. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences in conducting TNAs, preparing technology action plans and reporting thereon under the global TNA project supported by the Global Environment Facility. National TNA coordinators from 36 countries supported by the global TNA project and the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) were invited to participate in the workshop. The workshop also provided an opportunity for an exchange of views with representatives of the private sector and the financial community on possible ways of enhancing access to funding for the implementation of the results of TNAs, and for a discussion with members of the TEC on the challenges of the TNA process and its contribution to existing national policies, plans and strategies, including the preparation of national communications, nationally appropriate mitigation actions, low-emission development strategies, national adaptation plans and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Item 6 of the provisional agenda
Development and transfer of technologies and report of the Technology Executive Committee
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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 24/10/2012