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Report on the structured expert dialogue on the 2013–2015 review. Note by the co-facilitators of the structured expert dialogue.

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This report summarizes the face-to-face dialogue between over 70 experts and Parties on: the adequacy of the long-term global goal in the light of the ultimate objective of the Convention; and the overall progress made towards achieving the long-term global goal, including a consideration of the commitments under the Convention. It includes a technical summary and a compilation of the summary reports on the four sessions of the structured expert dialogue (SED). The technical summary synthesizes the work done by the SED and includes 10 messages capturing the key findings from its sessions.

SBSTA: Item 6(b) of the provisional agenda
Matters relating to science and review
The 2013–2015 review
SBI: Item 12 of the provisional agenda
The 2013–2015 review
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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 04/05/2015