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Synthesis report on technology needs identified by Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention. Note by the secretariat.

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This note presents information on technology needs for mitigation and adaptation to climate change contained in 23 technology needs assessments (TNAs) and 25 initial national communications submitted by Parties not included in the Annex I to the Convention (non-Annex I Parties). It highlights priority technology needs identified in various sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change. It draws attention to specific barriers to technology transfer and suggests measures to address them, including through capacitybuilding. It also highlights ways used to involve stakeholders in a consultative process to conduct TNAs, including the methodologies and criteria used to prioritize technology needs. The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice, at its twenty-fourth session, may wish to determine further actions to enhance the implementation of the framework for meaningful and effective actions to enhance the implementation of Article 4.5 of the Convention, including facilitation of implementation of the results of the TNAs and to provide further guidance to the secretariat on compilation and synthesis of information from TNAs, national communications and other reports of non-Annex I Parties and the use of this information

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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 21/04/2006