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Symbol / Text Date Type Status Versions
 FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/MISC.1/Add.47 Apr 2009party submissionsPublishedEN
Ideas and proposals on the elements contained in paragraph 1 of the Bali Action Plan. Submissions from Parties. Addendum.
 FCCC/SBSTA/2008/MISC.4/Add.121 May 2008party submissionsPublishedEN
Views on outstanding methodological issues related to policy approaches and positive incentives to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. Submissions from Parties. Addendum.
 FCCC/SBSTA/2007/MISC.1410 Sep 2007party submissionsPublishedEN FR
Views on issues related to further steps under the Convention related to reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries: Approaches to stimulate action. Submissions from Parties.
 FCCC/SBI/2001/Misc.15 Oct 2001PublishedEN FR
Matters relating to the least developed countries. Compilation of submissions on financial needs for the preparation of national adaptation programmes of action by least developed countries. Note by the secretariat.