Data presented here are based on submissions from Annex I and Non-Annex I Parties as of 17 February 2015. The GHG data interface is currently being upgraded and the new GHG data interface modules, available in the GHG Data - UNFCCC section of the UNFCCC website, contain more recent data.

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Note 1: The data presented here covers information provided by Annex I Parties that are also Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.
Note 2: The base year defined under the Kyoto Protocol for CO2, CH4, N20 and F-gases are available here.
Note 3: For the purpose of reporting under the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union submits two sets of standard electronic format (SEF) tables.
The data on holdings of Kyoto Protocol units are presented here for the the European Union (15) and the European Union (Community Registry).