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The Daily Programme will be posted as soon as available.
Meetings Listing
Explanation of Programmes:

Friday, 9 November 
Thursday, 8 November 
Wednesday, 7 November 
Tuesday, 6 November 
Monday, 5 November 
Saturday, 3 November 
Friday, 2 November 
Thursday, 1 November 
Wednesday, 31 October 
Tuesday, 30 October 
Monday, 29 October 

Explanation of PROGRAMME/Schedule and Meetings Listing:

The PROGRAMME/Schedule is your guide to each day's activities. It provides information on all scheduled meetings of the Convention bodies, including their timing, venue and agenda items to be considered. It also provides a schedule of the meetings of other groups (such as regional groupings and press briefings by country delegations) and special events hosted by IGOs and NGOs

Meetings Listing is a listing of all the latest information on meetings and key events at the conference. Included in the listing are all changes and additions that have occurred since the publication of PROGRAMME or Daily Schedule which appears each morning.

Meetings Listing / Liste des réunions
10 November / 10 novembre
(Updated continuously / Mis à jour continuellement)

COP Plenary will begin at 4:15 am

CDM Executive Board
First Meeting (upon closure of COP 7)
Plenary II (Salle des Ambassadeurs)