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A Message from Kyoto -To the Participants of COP7


It has already been four years since the COP3 took place in Kyoto in December 1997. So far, throughout the world, people are working towards the common goal of preventing global warming and continuing to carry out tough negotiations. As a consequence, at the COP6 part 2 in Bonn last July, the core part of the Kyoto Protocol was finally agreed upon. We would like to express our deepest respect to the passion and effort that each country has put towards emphasizing the preventing global warming.

In this meeting, it is our expectation that all the participating countries will reach total agreement and overcome the opposition and disagreement in their opinions over the implementation of the detailed regulations that still remain in the Protocol.

Nowadays, as you can see the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are higher than ever. As a result of global warming, places the world over are experiencing such phenomenon as the melting of glaciers and the polar ice-caps. There is also an increasing frequency of abnormal weather patterns. Influence from global warming is seen all over the world and it is becoming a big threat to the future of humankind and the earth. Making this century as "the century for the environment" which is full of bright dreams and hopes, as well as bringing up all the creatures on the earth, all the countries, communities and residents need to bring their wisdom together and to take effective action as soon as possible.

In Kyoto, the "Kyoto Global Environment Declaration" was announced world-wide right after the COP3. At the same time, both Kyoto Prefecture and the City of Kyoto have continued dedicated efforts to achieve over a 10% reduction CO2, a target which was set by our own initiative. These measures have been expanding networks and have resulted in a positive outcome.

In this meeting, I strongly hope that all the countries in the world will be able to reach a constructive agreement as well as establish an effective policy that will prevent global warming. To conclude this message from Kyoto, the people of Kyoto wish you take active contribution to having the Kyoto Protocol into effect by 2002.


October 2001

Teiichi Aramaki, Governor, Kyoto Prefecture

Yorikane Masumoto, Mayor, City of Kyoto

Junichi Murata, Chairman,

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry