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Methods and tools to assess climate change impacts and adaptation options


As well as addressing the causes of climate change, the Convention calls on Parties to adapt to its adverse effects. At COP 3, Parties requested the secretariat to accelerate the development of methodologies for assessing adaptation technologies, in particular decision tools to evaluate alternative adaptation strategies. This request aimed to assist Parties in applying the best available methods to assess their vulnerability to climate change and their adaptation options.

In response, the secretariat has undertaken a number of activities, including the compilation of an initial compendium of decision tools to evaluate adaptation strategies. Parties, international organizations and others have provided further information on adaptation methods and decision tools, which the secretariat has placed on its web site.

Following a request from SBSTA 12 (June 2000), the secretariat organized a meeting of experts, in coordination with the IPCC, to explore options to improve the compilation, review and dissemination of information on adaptation methodologies. The meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 10 August 2000.

Latest developments

At part I of SBSTA 13 (Lyon, Sept), the secretariat presented a report on the Lisbon meeting of experts. After considering this report, the SBSTA requested the secretariat to organize a workshop, with participation of experts from the IPCC and the user community, after the acceptance of the IPCC Third Assessment Report (TAR) (due in early 2001).

The aim of the workshop will be to explore the experience of developing countries with adaptation tools and methodologies, the current state of the art methodologies identified in the IPCC TAR and how these apply to the specific circumstances of developing countries, and options for improving the quality and dissemination of information on impact and adaptation methodologies.

Next steps
The secretariat will provide information on the results of the workshop to SBSTA 14 (May/June 2001). It will also present a report, that was requested by SBSTA 12, on methodological issues regarding climate change impacts and adaptation, taking into account information contained in the IPCC TAR.
Documents prepared for the upcoming session
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SBSTA 13 part I report para. 47
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