COP 5 press briefings, Reger Room

Please note: The following schedule was updated 1 Nov. 1999;

it is subject to change at any time and is incomplete


Monday 1 November


10:10 - What the science says -- Luiz Gylvan Meira Filho, Vice-Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and President of the Brazilian Space Agency

11:00 - Adapting to the expected impacts -- Robert T. Watson, Chairman of the IPCC and Director of the World Bank's Environment Department

12:10 - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions -- Ogunlade R. Davidson, Co-Chairman of IPCC Working Group III and Dean of the Engineering Faculty at the University of Sierra Leone

15:00 - An introduction to the Climate Change Convention and its Kyoto Protocol -- Michael Grubb of the Royal Institute of International Affairs

15:50 - The Kyoto Protocol: Unfinished business -- Raul Estrada-Oyuela, former chairman of the Protocol talks and now visiting professor at Columbia University

17:00 - Tips for press: How to cover the COP -- Michael Williams of the UN Environment Programme and Axel Wuestenhagen of the UN Information Center/Bonn

18:15 - UNFCCC briefing by COP President, SBSTA and SBI Chairs, and Exec.

Tuesday 2 November

9h30 - OECD Deputy Secretary-General Moa

10h - IEA Executive Director Robert Priddle

11h - Pacific Island State delegations

12h - WHO: Climate change and health. Dr. Bertolini, Tony McMichael, Andrew Githeko,
Andrew Haines, Paul Epstein.

12h30 - WMO Secretary-General G.O.P. Obasi, UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer, and IPCC Chairman Robert Watson

14h - St. Lucia Director of Environment Bishnu Tulsie

17h30 - EU

18h - US

18:30 - Japan

Wednesday 3 November

11h - Switzerland, Philippe Roch, Secretary of State

11h30 - Convention to Combat Desertification

14h30 - EU

18h - US

18:30 - Japan

Thursday 4 November

12h - German Environment Minister Jurgen Trittin

14h - EU

15h30 - US

Friday 5 November

13h15 - COP President and UNFCCC Executive Secretary

14h - Japan

15h - US