Jan Szyszko

Ministry of Environmental Protection,
Natural Resources and Forestry, Poland

Jan Szyszko
Minister of Environmental,
Protection Natural Resources and Forestry

Born in 1944, Mr. Jan Szyszko graduated from the Faculty of Forestry of the Main College of Rural Economy, in Warsaw. Doctor of forestry science, professor of Zootechny Faculty, Zoological Department, at this College.

Being Deputy Chairman of the Main Board of Central Understanding Party, within the framework of the "Solidarity" Election Action, Mr. Szyszko chaired Environmental Protection Commission in the Programme Team of the Action.

From 1987 through 1994 active in the Municipality of the Wesola Commune, near Warsaw. During the rule of Ms. Hanna Suchocka's Cabinet, Mr. Jan Szyszko executed the
post of Director, Central Board for National Parks, at Environmental Protection Sector.

Since 1991, Mr. Jan Szyszko has been active member of Central Understanding Party, and since 1996 - Deputy Chairman of its Board. During Presidential Election in 1995, he was the Chief of National Election Committee for Professor Adam Strzêbosz. During recent Parliamentary Election, Mr. Jan Szyszko was the eighth in line candidate on the list of the "Solidarity" Election Action in Warsaw Voivodship, but he has not gained the mandate.

Professor Szyszko is the author of numerous scientific publications. Major objects of his research interest are (i) dynamics of population size of species as well prone to extinction as showing the tendency towards mass occurring, and (ii) increase of natural hardiness of pine forest stands by means of applying appropriate economic measures. In these domains, Professor Jan Szyszko has reached significant achievements, both in theory and in practice, which have been recognized as well in Poland as abroad. He used to live in the city of Stara Mi3osna, near Warsaw.

Married. His wife Krystyna is a teacher, Director of Grammar School, in Miêdzylesie. The Szyszkos have two daughters: Katarzyna, who is a student of landscape architecture at the Main College of Rural Economy, and Patrycja - student at the Main School of Trade, in Warsaw.

Minister Szyszko likes hunting and playing bridge.

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