Note to Correspondents No.5 1 November 1999

For use of the media only;

Not an official document

Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties of the

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

25 October - 5 November 1999, Bonn, Germany

Media Arrangements for High-level Segment of COP 5

On Tuesday, 2 November, the Plenary of COP 5 will open at 10:00 a.m. with statements from senior United Nations and other officials. The high-level segment will start at 3:00 p.m. in Plenary I (Saal Maritim). Ministers and other heads of delegation will have an opportunity to present brief policy statements (three minutes each). The list of 104 speakers includes two Vice Presidents, one Deputy Prime Minister, some 60 Ministers and other Heads of Delegation.

From Wednesday, 3 November 10:00 a.m. through Thursday, 4 November 12:00 noon, an exchange of views among delegations will take place in Plenary I. Discussions will focus on: (a) Progress made in dealing with climate change: lessons and challenges; and (b) The way forward: promoting implementation of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action and early entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol.

Proceedings can be followed from the Press Gallery in Saal Maritim, on closed-circuit television monitors throughout the Hotel Maritim, via a video conferencing system in the Press Centre located at "Deutsche Post AG", Robert-Schuman-Platz or from the RealVideo Broadcast on the Internet on a special web site created for the Conference at http://cop5.unfccc.de. Computer centres with Internet capability have been established at Hotel Maritim and in the Press Centre.

Please note that no video or audio pool feeds can be provided from the meetings convened in Plenary I and Plenary II or from the Press Conference Room and that, while there are mult-boxes on the Press Gallery in Plenary I and in the Press Conference Room, there are no mult-boxes available in the Press Centre.

Television and Photo Coverage

Photo opportunities for television crews and photographers will be provided beginning 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the plenary meetings until the meetings begin. Shortly after the meetings are called to order, television crews and photographers will be requested to leave the hall. Television crews and photographers can continue to work from the Press Gallery throughout public meetings, subject to availability of space.

For practical reasons, it will not be possible for television crews and photographers to enter freely into Saal Maritim on the floor and to record proceedings or take photographs. However, individual possibilities will be granted to television crews and to photographers to record statements and take photos of Ministers or other Heads of Delegation during their statements. Prior arrangements should be made with the TV&Radio Liaison Officer (Contact: Ms. Yvette Morris at the Press Centre, tel.: 8129-222).

Commercial arrangements for editing and satellite distribution (only for Beta SP PAL) have been made with ZDF (Second German Television) at their nearby local studio in Bonn, Langer Grabenweg 45-47. (Contact: for technical assistance, Mr. Heinz Borré, tel: +49-228-9584-402; for editing, line/facility bookings, Ms. Silvia Huschet, tel +49-6131-70-2076.)

Radio Coverage

Please note that no pool feed can be provided of plenary meetings convened in Plenary I and Plenary II or from the Press Conference Room. However, mult-boxes will be available for radio journalists in Plenary I (Press Gallery) and in the Press Conference Room (Saal Reger). They are shared with television crews on a first-come-first-served basis.

For further assistance, international radio broadcasters may contact Mr. Juergen Layer, International Relations Radio, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne, phone: +49-221-220-3298; fax +49-221-220-3307; cellular phone +49-172- 2538424; e-mail: juergen.layer@wdr.de.

Print Media

Representatives of the print media and news agencies can follow the proceedings in Plenary I either from the Press Gallery in Saal Maritim, on the CCTV monitors in Hotel Maritim, via a video conferencing system in the Press Centre or from the RealVideo Broadcast on the Internet.

Press Briefings

It is expected that a considerable number of Ministers and other Heads of Delegation may wish to give a press briefing during the high-level segment of the Conference. A provisional list of press briefings has already been circulated in the Note to Correspondents No. 4. As other briefings may be scheduled on rather short notice, correspondents are advised to follow the announcements on the CCTV monitors at Hotel Maritim or on the announcement board in the Press Centre. Daily additions and revisions can also be found at http://cop5.unfccc.de/ and in the Daily Journal of the Conference.

A final press briefing by the COP President will be held on Friday, 5 November, in the Press Conference Room at a time to be announced.



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