24 February 1997



Fifth session

Bonn, 25-28 February 1997

Item 8 of the provisional agenda


Contact and Activity Information

The secretariat updates information on activities implemented jointly (AIJ) on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) website under CC:INFO products. The continuously updated section "CC:INFO/AIJ" contains a short updated history of the negotiations, a list of relevant documents (hotlinked if available) and all the information elements reproduced in this document.


The address is http://www.unfccc.de/fccc/ccinfo/defaij.htm.


The following table contains projects which have been accepted, approved or endorsed by the designated national authorities for AIJ. Those activities which have been added to this table, initially published in document FCCC/SBSTA/1997/17, are printed in italics.

List of activities implemented jointly

Type of project


Participating Parties


"CARFIX: Sustainable Forest Management"

Costa Rica, USA


"RUSAFOR: Saratov Afforestation Project"

Russian Federation, USA

Energy efficiency

"Energy-efficiency improvement by Hungarian municipalitites and utilities"

Hungary, Netherlands

Energy efficiency

"High Efficiency Lighting"

Norway, Mexico

Forest restoration

"Biodiversifix: Forest Restoration"

Costa Rica, USA

Forest preservation

"ECOLAND: Esquinas National Park"

Costa Rica, USA

Forest reforestation

"Klinki Forestry Project"

Costa Rica, USA

Forest Preservation

Reforestation of the Krknose mountains

Czech Republic, Netherlands

Fuel Switching

Coal to Gas Conversion

Poland, Norway

Fuel switching

"RABA/IKARUS compressed natural gas engine bus project"

Hungary, Netherlands

Fugitive gas capture

"RUSAGAS: Fugitive Gas Capture Project"

Russian Federation, USA

Renewable energy

"Aeroenergía SA Wind Facility"

Costa Rica, USA

Renewable energy

"Doña Julia Hydroelectric Project"

Costa Rica, USA

Renewable energy

"Planta Eólicas S.A. Wind Facility"

Costa Rica, USA

Renewable energy

"Tierras Morenas Windfarm Project"

Costa Rica, USA


This section contains information on opportunities for activities implemented jointly offered by Parties. As soon as the uniform reporting format is adopted, the secretariat will follow up on the request by Parties to integrate information on AIJ in the CC:INFO database and reporting system and to implement an information exchange on AIJ in the context of CC:INFO information exchange activities.


(contact see section "National Contact Information")

1. KARENERGO Wind Facility Project

This project intends to build a 5 mgw electric plant using 500 kw power wind turbines. Total cost of this project is US $ 4.8 million. Duration: 25 years. Benefits: Reduction of emission 46.5 million mt per year. Participants: Georgia - "KARENERGO" Scientific Research Institute; Institute of

Hydrometeorology; National Climate Research Center; "ENERGOKSELPROJECT" Institute; US - Vestas - Danish Wind Technology A/S; Bluefild International.

2. GEOTERMULI TBOMOMARAGEBA Geothermal Power Project Project will be located in town Zugdidi for heating the central part of the town and providing it with hot water using geothermical waters and double contour scheme. Total cost of this project is US $3.5 million. Duration: 30 years.

Benefits: The project is expected to sequester 55,000 mt CO2 per year. Participants: Georgia - Zugdidi municipal department; National Climate Research Center.

3. STORI Hydroelectric Project

The project involves construction of a 6 megawatt hydroelectric plant. The plant will use the water of the river Stori. The plant will generate 40,000

megawatt electricity per year. Total cost of the project is US $ 8.4 million. Duration: 40 years.

Benefits: This project will provide reduction of emission 33,000 mt CO2 per year. Participants: National Climate Research Center; "Hydroproject"

Institute; Georgian Greens.

4. EKOVELI Bio - Gen Biomass Power Generation Project

This project will develop 25 megawatt biomass waste-to-energy plants in Georgia. Project will be realized on the Kolkhida Lowland (East part of the Black Sea). Total cost is US $ 15 million.

Duration: 15 years. Benefits: Suspected sequester of CO2 is 120,000 mt per year after realization. Participants: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, National Climate Research Center, Agroecological Center.


Solar-based rural hot water supply.

The objective of this project is to supply rural region in Georgia with solar-thermal hot water. Total cost of this project is US $ 2.4 million. Duration: 30 years. Benefits: 3,330 mt. CO2 per year. Participants: Georgia - "SPETSHELIOTE-PLOMONTAZ" LTD., Firm "MZE", Green

Earth Foundation.


Below are listed the contact points for entities authorized to accept, approve or endorse activities implemented jointly and to report on them to the Conference of the Parties. National focal points(1) to the UNFCCC are marked by (NFP).

Antigua and Barbuda (NFP):

Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations

610 Fifth Avenue, Suite 311

New York NY 10020, United States of America

Tel.: (1-212)541-4117

Fax: (1-212)757-1607

Albania (NFP):

Committee of Environmental Protection

Tirana , Albania

Tel.: (355-42)6-5229/ 30682

Fax: (355-42)6-5229


AIJ Australia Office

Department of Primary Industries and Energy

Edmond Barton Building

Barton, ACT 2600, Australia

Tel: (61-6) 272-4791 or 272-4791

Fax: (61-6) 271-5699

E-mail: aij_australia@regate.dpie.gov.au

Austria (NFP):

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Youth and Family Affairs

Stubenbastei 5

A-1010 Wien , Austria

Tel.: (43-1)5-1522-1737

Fax: (43-1)5-1522-7737

Bahamas (NFP):

Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission

P.O. Box 10980

Nassau , Bahamas

Tel.: (1-809)327-4691/3

Fax: (1-809)327-4626

Botswana (NFP):

Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications

P. O. Box 10100

Gaborone , Botswana

Tel.: (267)356-281

Fax: (267)356-282


Ministry of External Relations

Department of Special Affairs


Tel: (55-61) 322.5523 or 211.6864

Fax: (55-61) 224.1079

E-mail: zugaib@mre.gov.br


Ministry of Environment

67, William Gladstone Str.

BUL-1000 Sofia , Bulgaria

Tel.: (359-2)81-6151 (ext. 267 or 258)

Fax: (359-2)52-1634 or 341


Canadian Joint Implementation Initiative(CJII)

Mrs. Anne Boucher

Natural Resources Canada

CJII office, 19th floor

580 Booth St.

Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E4 Canada

Tel: (613) 996-2921

Fax: (613) 947-6799

E-mail: CJII@es.nrcan.gc.ca

Central African Republic (NFP):

Ministry of Environment, Water, Forests, Hunting and Fishery

B.P. 830

Bangui , Central African Republic

Tel.: (236)61-4110/7921

Fax: (236)61-5711

Chile (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Catedral 1158

Santiago , Chile

Tel.: (56-2)698-0301

Fax: (56-2)699-4202

China (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

225, Chaonei Street

Beijing 100701, China

Tel.: (86-10)6525-5520

Fax: (86-10)6513-4505

Colombia (NFP):

Colombian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Calle 10 No. 5-51

Office (105)

Santafe de Bogota , Colombia

Tel.: (57-1)281-1303

Fax: (57-1)337-0578

Costa Rica:

Oficina Costarricense de Implementacion Conjunta (OCIC)

Costa Rican Office for Joint Implementation

Mr. Franz Tattenbach (National Coordinator)

Mr. Adalberto Gorbitz(General Manager)

CINDE Building

La Uruca

San José, Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 220-0036

Fax: (506) 290-1238

E-mail: crocic@sol.racsa.co.cr

Cuba (NFP):

Meteorological Institute of Cuba

Apartado Postal 17032

C.P. 11700 Habana 17, Cuba

Tel.: (53-7)33-8010/ 621051

Fax: (53-7)33-8010 or 61-7168

E-Mail: meteoro@ceniai.cu

Czech Republic:

"Focal Point AIJ CR"

Ministry of the Environment

International Relations Department

Vrsovická 65

100 10 Prague 10, Czech Republic

Tel: (42-2) 67122361

Fax: (42 2) 739411

E-mail: alex@env.cz

Denmark (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Asiatisk Plads 2

DK-1448 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Tel.: (45)3392-0000

Fax: (45)3154-0533

Ecuador (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Avenida 10 de Agosto y Carrin

Quito , Ecuador

Tel.: (593-2)56-1215 or 56-1040

Fax: (593-2)50-7077 or 50-4933

E-Mail: suborint@mmrree.gov.ec

Egypt (NFP):

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

17 Teiba Street


Cairo , Egypt

Tel.: (20-2)360-1191/ 349-6458

Fax: (20-2)361-0764

Eritrea (NFP):

Eritrean Agency for the Environment

P.O.Box 5713

Asmara , Eritrea

Tel.: (291-1)18-1324

Fax: (291-1)18-2418

Estonia (NFP):

Ministry of Environment

Toompuiestee 24

EE-0100 Tallinn , Estonia

Tel.: (37-2)6262-841

Fax: (37-2)6262-845

Gambia (NFP):

Department of Water Resources

7, Marina Parade

Banjul , Gambia

Tel.: (220)22-8216

Fax: (220)22-5009


Ministry of Natural Sources and Environmental Protection

Department of Hydrometeorology

150 Agmashenebeli Ave.

Tibilisi, 380012, Georgia

Tel.: (995-32) 953682

Fax.: (995-32) 955006 or 953736 or 943479

E-mail: ggc@iberiapac.ge


The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Joint Implementation Coordination Office

Postfach 120629

53048 Bonn, Germany

Tel.: (49-228) 305-2358

Fax.: (49-228) 305-3336

E-mail: g16-2004@wp-gate.bmu.de


Ministry for the Environment,

Physical Planning and Public Works

Department of International Relations and E. U. Affairs

17, Amaliados Street

115-23 Athens, Greece

Tel.: (30-1) 6411717 or (30-1) 6435740

Fax.: (30-1) 6434470


Ministry for the Environment,

Secretaria de Estado en el Despacho del Ambiente (SEDA)

Apdo. 4710

Tegucigalpa, M.D. C., Honduras

Tel.: (504) 37-5664 or 37-5667 or 38-5308 or 38-4662 or 38-4685

Fax.: (504) 37-5726


Ministry for the Environment and Regional Policy

Department of Environmental Strategy

Fö utca 2250

H-1011 Budapest, Hungary

Tel.: (36-1)457-3300

Fax: (36-1)201-4133


Ministry of State for Environment

Policy Formulation and Environmental Development Division

Dr. Aca Sugandhy, Assistant Minister

Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.15

Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Tel.: (62-21) 3846122

Fax: (62-21) 3846031

E-mail: aca@ub.net.id

Iran (Islamic Republic of) (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tehran , Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Tel.: (9821)321 2668

Fax: (9821)67 4176


Department of Environment,

Mr. Donal Enright

Custom House

Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel.: (35-31)6793377, ext. 2550

Fax.: (35-31)8742423

Italy (NFP):

Ministry of Environment

Via della Ferratella in Laterano 33

I-0018 Rome , Italy

Tel.: (39-6)702-9210/ 7725-7018

Fax: (39-6)7725-7016


Inter-Ministerial/Agency Coordination Committee for AIJ (IMACC)

Secretariat Mr. Zuichi Kitamura

2-2-1 Kasumigaseki


Tokyo 100 - Japan

Tel.: (81-3)3581-3882

Fax.: (81-3)3592-0364

Kenya (NFP):

National Environment Secretariat

P.O. Box 67839

Nairobi , Kenya

Tel.: (254-2)218095/21-8079/22-9261

Fax: (254-2)21-6951/24-2887/21-4175

Kuwait (NFP):

Environment Protection Council

P.O. Box 24395

Safat 13104, Kuwait

Tel.: (965)215-6831

Fax: (965)242-1993

Mauritius (NFP):

Ministry of the Environment and Quality of Life

Ken Lee Tower, 10th floor

Barracks & St. Georges Streets

Port Louis , Mauritius

Tel.: (230)212-7175

Fax: (230)212-9407



Meteorological Services:

St. Paul Road

Government Quarter's Nø 18

Vacoas , Mauritius

Tel.: (230)696-5626

Fax: (230)686-1033

E-Mail: meteo@intnet.mu



Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE-SEDESOL)

National Institute of Ecology

Rio Elba N 20, piso14

06500 Mexico D.F., Mexico

Tel.: (52-5)553-9969/-9601

Fax: (52-5)553-9753

Moldova, Republic of (NFP):

National Hydrometeorological Service

Grenoblya str. 193

277043 Kichinev , Moldova, Republic of

Tel.: (3732)57-3611/ 3500

Fax: (3732)57-3611

E-Mail: mae3@cni.md

Monaco (NFP):

Directorate of External Relations

"Villa Girasole"

16, boulevard de Suisse

MC-98000 Monaco , Monaco

Tel.: (377-93)15-8333

Fax: (377-93)15-8554

Morocco (NFP):

Ministry of Environment

75 rue de Sebou


Rabat , Morocco

Tel.: (212-7)68-0743/ 1500

Fax: (212-7)68-0746

E-Mail: sdnmar@onpt.net.ma

Myanmar (NFP):

National Commission for Environmental Affairs

37, Khantaman Road

Yangon , Myanmar

Tel.: (95-1)22-1689

Fax: (95-1)22-1546


The Netherlands Pilot Phase Program on Joint Implementation

Mr. Wim Frederik Iestra

Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment

Directorate General for Environmental Protection

Directorate Air and Energy IPC/640

Climate Change Department

P.O. Box 30945.

2500 GX The Hague, The Netherlands

Tel.: (31-70) 339-4440 or 339-4437

Fax: (31-70) 339-1310 or 339-1311

E-mail: iestra@DLE.DGM.minvrom.nl

New Zealand (NFP):

Ministry for the Environment

P.O. Box 10362

Wellington , New Zealand

Tel.: (64-4)473-4090

Fax: (64-4)471-0195

Nigeria (NFP):

Federal Environmental Protection Agency

Environment House, Independence Way South P.M. Bag 265,

Garki Abuja , Nigeria

Tel.: (234-9)523-3368

Fax: (234-9)523-3373


National Pilot Phase Programme

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs

Amb. Arne B. Honningstad

P.O. Box 8114

7 Juni-Plassen

N-0032 Oslo Dep, Norway

Tel.: (47-2234) 3600

Fax.: (47-2234) 2782

Oman (NFP):

Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment

P.O. Box 323

Muscat 113, Oman

Tel.: (968)60-2271

Fax: (968)69-2549

Peru (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lampa 535

Lima , Peru

Tel.: (51-14)28-5751

Fax: (51-14)28-5751


National Council of Environment:


Tel.: (51-1)441-7333

Fax: (51-1)441-7334

Philippines (NFP):

Department of Foreign Affairs

ADB Building

2330 Roxas Boulevard

Pasay City , Philippines

Tel.: (632)834-4000

Fax: (632)761-3014


Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry

ul. Wawelska 52/54

PL-00-922 Warszawa, Poland

Tel.: (4822) 251133

Fax: (4822) 253972


Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection

Division for Strategies & Regulations for Environment Protection

Blvd. Libertatii 12,

70005 Bucharest Sector 5, Romania

Tel.: (40-1) 410-0248

Fax: (40-1) 410-0217 or (40-1) 410-021

Russian Federation (NFP):

Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring

Novovagankovsky street 12

Moscow 123242, Russian Federation

Tel.: (7-095)252-3873/ 255-2104

Fax: (7-095)253-9484

Samoa (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

P.O. Box L. 1861

Apia , Samoa

Tel.: (685)2-5313

Fax: (685)2-1504

E-Mail: mission.of.samoa@together.org

Senegal (NFP):

Ministry of Environment and Protection of Nature

23, Rue Calmette

B.P. 4049

Dakar , Senegal

Tel.: (22-1)22-4011 or 21-1240

Fax: (22-1)22-2180

E-Mail: energy@endadak.gn.apc.org

Slovak Republic (NFP):

Ministry of the Environment

Hlbok 2

SL-812 35 Bratislava , Slovak Republic

Tel.: (42-7)516-2314

Fax: (42-7)516-2367

E-Mail: xooomoj@savba.savba.sk

Slovenia (NFP):

Hydrometeorological Institute

Vojkova 1b

SL-1000 Ljubljana , Slovenia

Tel.: (386-61)32-7461

Fax: (386-61)33-1396

E-Mail: andrej.kranjc@rzs-hm.si

Solomon Islands (NFP):

Meteorological Service

P.O. Box 21

Honiara , Solomon Islands

Tel.: (677)2-1640

Fax: (677)2-1689


Ministry of Tourism and Aviation

P.O. Box 21

Honiara , Solomon Islands

Tel.: (677)21-757

Fax: (677)20-046



Permanent Mission of Solomon Islands to the United Nations, New York

820 Second Ave., Suite 800A

New York NY 10017, United States of America

Tel.: (1-212)599-6192/93

Fax: (1-212)661-8925

South Africa (NFP):

Environmental Affairs and Tourism

P/Bag X 097

Pretoria 0001, South Africa

Tel.: (27-12)290-2933/32

Fax: (27-12)290-2170/3033

E-Mail: coetzee@aqua.ccwr.ac.za


Meteorological Service, Ministry of Public Works

Magnesiumstraat 41

Paramaribo , Suriname

Tel.: (597)49-1143

Fax: (597)49-0627

Swaziland (NFP):

Ministry of Transport and Communications

P.O. Box 2652

Mbabane , Swaziland

Tel.: (268)4-1530/-6274

Fax: (268)4-6438/-1530

Sweden (NFP):

Ministry of the Environment

Tegelbacken 2

S-103 33 Stockholm , Sweden

Tel.: (46-8)405-1000

Fax: (46-8)24-1629

Switzerland (NFP):

Federal Office of Environment, Forests and Landscape

Hallwylstrasse 4

CH-3003 Berne , Switzerland

Tel.: (41-31)322-6862

Fax: (41-31)322-3187

Syrian Arab Republic (NFP):

Ministry of Environment

P.O. Box 3773

Damascus , Syrian Arab Republic

Tel.: (96-311)331-0381/333-0510/ 221-5426

Fax: (96-311)333-5645

Thailand (NFP):

Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment 60/1 Soi Phibun Wattana Rama VI Rd.,


Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel.: (66-2)279-0130

Fax: (66-2)270-1661

Togo (NFP):

Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Elevage et de la Pêche

Lom , Togo

Tel.: (228)21-0305/21-0482

Fax: (228)21-8792

Turkey (NFP):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ankara , Turkey

Tel.: (90-312)286-6126/285-4615

Fax: (90-312)287-1648

E-Mail: webmaster@mfa.gou.tr

Turkmenistan (NFP):

Ministry for Natural Resource Use and Environment Protection

ul. Kemine 102

744000 Ashkhabad , Turkmenistan

Tel.: (7363-2)25-4317 or 29-6004

Fax: (7363-2)51-1613

Tuvalu (NFP):

Ministry of Civil Aviation, Tourism,Telecommunications, Meteorology and Postal Services

Private Mail Bag 054

Port Vila , Tuvalu

Tel.: (678)2-5059

Fax: (678)2-5628


Department of Meteorology

Crested Towers, P.O. Box 7025

Kampala , Uganda

Tel.: (256-41)25-8574 or 23-3559

Fax: (256-41)25-1797/6166

E-Mail: met@mukla.gn.apc.org


Ministry of Natural Resources

Amber House, P.O. Box 7270

Kampala , Uganda

Tel.: (256-41)23-4733/23-3331

Fax: (256-41)23-0220

United Kingdom of Great Britain (NFP):

Department of the Environment

Room B254

43 Marsham Street

London SW1P 3 P4, United Kingdom of Great Britain

Tel.: (44-171)276-3000

Fax: (44-171)276-8355

United States of America:

United States Initiative on Joint Implementation



1000 Independence Avenue SW

Washington DC 20585, USA

Tel: (1-202) 586-3288

Fax: (1-202) 586-3485 or 86

Hotline: (1-202) 586-3467

World Wide Web: http://www.ji.org.

Uzbekistan (NFP):

Main Administration of Hydrometeorology

72, Observatorskaya str.

700052 Tashkent , Uzbekistan

Tel.: (7-3712)33-6180 or 32-0758

Fax: (7-3712)33-2025

E-Mail: uzhymet@tashkent.su

Vanuatu (NFP):

Meteorological Services

Private Mail Bag 054

Port Vila , Vanuatu

Tel.: (678)2-2331

Fax: (678)2-3142

- - - - -

1. 1 According to the message from the Executive Secretary on arrangements for communication and liasion with Parties to the convention dated 8 May 1996, the national focal point should be able to accept, approve or endorse activities implemented jointly and report on them to the Conference of the Parties through the secretariat. Parties are encouraged to identify their national focal points and inform the secretariat accordingly. Additional information on national focal points may be obtained from the CC:INFO booth located in the Foyer or by contacting Mr. Horacio Peluffo, External Relation Officer.