Information for Special Events and Exhibits

Guidelines for authorized organizers of Special Events or Exhibits during COP3,

1 - 10 December in Kyoto, Japan

A. Special Events


The venues for the Special Events will appear in the Daily Programme and on the closed circuit TV (CC:TV) which will be dispersed throughout the Conference Centre (KICH).


Exhibitors requiring to organize a reception or lunchbox should contact the caterers at the KICH:.

Mr Sasano
Mr Suzuki
Mr Shingu
Tel. (81-75) 705 1260
Fax. (81-75) 791 3880

Please note that no food should be eaten or served in the meeting rooms.

Power Point Presentations

Presentations requiring to use the LCD overhead projector provided for a power point presentation must ensure to bring the necessary computer connections (D Sub 15 PIN).

B. Exhibits

Facilities available for Exhibits


The exhibits will be on display at selected locations in the Conference Centre (KICH) in Kyoto. The locations will be allocated by the secretariat by Saturday, 22 November 1997.

Exhibitors contracting the services of Congress Corporation for their displays should inform the secretariat who will give the location to the Congress Corporation.

Exhibitors who are responsible for their own exhibit will need to contact the secretariat for their location on arrival.

Kyoto 606
Tel. (81-75) 705 1234
Fax. (81-75) 705 1100


The exhibit units are 2.5 metre wide blocks. The depth will be 1.5 metres and the height dependant on the location.


The KICH power supply is 110 V, 50/60 MHZ and the outlets US style (two flat prongs).


The secretariat will be unable to provide access to "internet" at all locations. If "internet" access is required, please rent the necessary communications equipment to allow you to be independent. Those wishing to have a "call back" service must contact Congress Corporation before Friday, 28 November 1997 in order to have the necessary arrangements. Any costs will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.


The secretariat can provide tables, chairs and access to power. Please inform the secretariat of your requests.

Rental of services

Authorized exhibitors needing to rent furniture, panels or other equipment should contact the following.

Congress Corporation
7th Akiyama Building 5-3
Tokyo 102 Japan
Tel. (81-3) 3263 4031
Fax.(81-3) 3263 4032

Contact Persons
Mikiko Hagiwara
Noriko Takeuchi

Information on exhibit required by the secretariat

To allow optimal placing, exhibitors should provide the secretariat with sufficient information regarding the type of exhibit:

a) Free standing with no need for a wall

b) Poster display on own panels

c) Display of literature requiring a table

d) Electronic, interactive display requiring sturdy table

e) Unstaffed, picture display requiring wall space

f) Display of technical models - please give dimensions

g) Other.


Information on shipping

a)The road to Kyoto

To send materials to Kyoto, exhibitors are free to use any company. Contact details of two Japanese companies are below:

KSA International Inc.
c/o International Headquarters 13
Mibu Takahi-cho, Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto 604 Japan
Tel. (81-75) 802 2107
Fax. (81-75) 822 3492

Contact person
Mr. N. Onoe

Nippon Express Co., Ltd
Tokyo Air Service Branch
3-18-1, Kaigan, Minato-Ku,
Tokyo 108 Japan
Tel. (81-3) 5442-5228
Fax. (81-3) 5442-5210

Contact person
Mr. Y. Aoki

Information required on consignments

Senders should make sure to give the following information to the shippers:

Delivery Location: KICH or other

Delivery Contact: Consignment Coordinator, Mr AKATSUKA, KICH,

Requested Delivery Date: not before 29 November for the KICH

Exhibit Contact: person responsible for the setting up and dismantling of the display in the KICH


Temporary Storage or Immediate Display:

Senders contact information:

b) Post Kyoto - the way home

If goods are to be returned to origin - inform the shippers to store the packing materials for re-use and to bring the packing material back to the KICH on the required date for re-packing.


Exhibit Assembly

Exhibit organizers should contact the secretariat on arrival to find the location of exhibit. If a consignment has been sent to the KICH, they should then contact the Consignment Coordinator who will assist them in locating and moving their consignment to its venue. If the display is to be assembled by persons not registered for COP3 then the secretariat must be informed of the names, the vehicle registration and date of delivery in order that temporary entrance passes will be issued in the KICH. Exhibits may be delivered on 29 and 30 November and after 1 December 1997. Exhibits must not be delivered on Monday, 1 December 1997.

Exhibit organizers will be responsible for dismantling and removing their exhibit.

For further information please contact:

Barbara Black
Special Events, Exhibits Coordinator
Conference Support
Room 161
Kyoto, Japan
Tel. (81-75)705-2836/2834


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