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Previous Press Releases

Stage is set for the Kyoto climate change conference (Bonn, 31 October 1997)
Climate Negotiations confront Kyoto Deadline; US proposal may be presented in Bonn (Bonn, 17 October 1997)
Climate talks enter final negotiating phase (Bonn, 7 August 1997)
Governments resume search for deal on greenhouse gas cuts (Bonn, 31 July 1997)
Climate negotiators outline possible contents of emissions cuts agreement (Bonn, 7 March 1997)
Bonn talks to produce first negotiating text of new agreement (Bonn, 25 Feb. 1997)
Climate Change negotiations enter new phase (Geneva, 13 December 1996)
Climate Change Negotiators debate new emissions controls (Geneva, 9 December 1996)
Ministers affirm scientific basis for action on climate change (Geneva, 19 July 1996)
Ministers to review global action on climate change (Geneva, 8 July 1996)
The IPCC Press Advisory (Rome 11-15 December 1995)
New talks to start on strengthening Climate Change Convention (Geneva, 18 August 1995)
Berlin Meeting to Focus on New Climate Change Negotiations (Berlin, 28 March 1995)
Climate Change Meeting to Discuss New Treaty Commitments (Geneva, 19 August 1994)
Climate Change Treaty Goes Into Effect (Geneva, 21 March 1994)
Decision Time for the Climate Change Treaty (Geneva, February 1994)
The Climate Change Treaty -- Accelerating Approvals (Geneva, 26 August 1993)
The Climate Change Convention - Getting Down to Business (Geneva, August 1993)
The Climate Change Treaty - One Year after Rio (Geneva, June 1993)



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