Information Unit for Conventions (IUC)

Climate Change Information Kit

Table of Contents

1. An introduction to climate change
Understanding the climate system
2. The greenhouse effect
3. Greenhouse gases and aerosols
4. How will greenhouse gas levels change in the future?
5. How will the climate change?
6. Has climate change already begun?
7. The evidence from climate models
8. The evidence from past climates
Facing the consequences
9. Adapting to the impacts of climate change
10. Agriculture and food security
11. Sea levels, oceans, and coastal areas
12. Biological diversity and ecosystems
13. Water resources
14.Human health
15. Infrastructure, industry, and human settlements
16. Climatic disasters and extreme events
The Climate Change Convention
17. The international response to climate change: a history
18. The Climate Change Convention
19. What is the Convention's objective?
20. The Conference of the Parties (COP)
21. Sharing and reviewing critical information
Limiting greenhouse gas emissions
22. How human actions produce greenhouse gases
23. The challenge for policymakers
24. Crafting policies that cost-effective
25. New energy technologies and policies
26. New transportation technologies and policies
27. New approaches to forestry and agriculture
28. Financing action under the Convention
29. Global cooperation on technology
Facts and figures
30. Data on Greenhouse gas emissions and sources
Published in January 1997 by the United Nations Environment Programme's Information Unit for Conventions. For additional copies and other information materials, please contact UNEP/IUC, Geneva Executive Center, C.P. 356, 1219 Châtelaine, Switzerland; tel. (+41-22) 979-9244/9196/9111; fax (+41-22) 797 3464; e-mail; web site
Special thanks to the Federal Office for Environment, Forests, and Landscapes of Switzerland.
These information sheets were written by Roberto Acosta, Myles Allen, Anilla Cherian, Sarah Granich, Irving Mintzer, Alevino Suarez, and David von Hippel, and edited by Michael Williams. Each sheet was reviewed by at least two experts.


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