The information activities supporting COP3, including the special features available on this web site have been made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of a number of institutions, for which would like to express our appreciation. These include:

- The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who have provided the essential information technology infratructure and services required to support the conference, including web services. They have also provided the live video signal used in the Internet transmissions.

- The Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications who provided the framework which facilitated support from the private sector to the secretariat's supplementary information activities.
For information on these activities, please follow this link.

These companies include NTT Data, NEC Multimedia, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, NTT, IBM-Japan, Omron, Matsushita Communication Industrial.

- The COP3 Information Support Committee of Kyoto , who have provided the additional infrastructure, equipment and expertise required to air the conference proceedings on the Internet using RealVideo, thus greatly enhancing its public outreach.
In particular, we would like to note the efforts made to ensure transmissions in several official UN languages. For details on the membership of the COP3 Information Support Committee, please follow this link.

- The Global Environmental Information Center (a joint center of the United Nations University and the Environment Agency of Japan) for the development of the COP3 web site in Japanese and for providing user support to conference paricipants at the CC:INFO Center.

- The Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (the German Climate Computing Center) for hosting the European mirror of the COP3 web site during the meeting,

- T-Online for providing RealVideo connectivity to the secretariat's mirror site in Europe.



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