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Forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures

Overview of the intergovernmental process

Recognizing the importance of avoiding or minimizing negative impacts of response measures, the Conference of the Parties (COP) at the Cancun Climate Change Conference (COP16, 2010) provided a forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures, and requested the Chairs of the subsidiary bodies to convene such a forum at SB 34 and SB 35, with the objective of developing a work programme to address these impacts and a view to adopting, at COP 17, modalities for the operationalization of the work programme and a possible forum on response measures.

Furthermore, the COP at its 17th session adopted a work programme with the objective of improving the understanding of the impact of the implementation of response measures in eight distinct areas (overview below). In addition, the COP decided to establish the forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures mandated to meet twice a year under a joint agenda item of the subsidiary bodies. The subsidiary bodies have a mandate to review at SB 39 the work of the forum including the need for its continuation, with a view to providing recommendations to the COP 19. Thus, the forum consolidates all progressive discussions related to response measures under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol.

Areas of the work programme (see implementation at the bottom)

The work programme and its areas were adopted by the COP at its 17th session as contained in Decision 2/CP.17.

a) Sharing of information and expertise, including reporting and promoting understanding of positive and negative impacts of response measures;
b) Cooperation on response strategies;
c) Assessment and analysis of impacts;
d) Exchanging experience and discussion of opportunities for economic diversification and transformation;
e) Economic modelling and socio-economic trends;
f) Relevant aspects relating to the implementation of decisions 1/CP.10, 1/CP.13 and 1/CP.16 and Article 2, paragraph 3, and Article 3, paragraph 14, of the Kyoto Protocol;
g) Just transition of the workforce, and the creation of decent work and quality jobs; and
h) Building collective and individual learning towards a transition to a low greenhouse gas emitting society.

Chronological overview of the forum pdf-icon download here (313 kB)
Forum on the impact of response measures - a chronological overview

Recent progress
At SB 36, Parties operationalized the work programme. The activities agreed include submission from Parties an relevant organizations, in-forum workshops, an in-forum discussion by Parties and an in-forum expert meeting. These activities have been carried out and are set to be finalized at SB 39 in Warsaw in November 2013.

At SB 37, Parties started the implementation of the work programme as per the activities agreed at the previous session of the forum and they will continue the implementation at SB 38 and SB 39.

Implementation of the work programme

The table below provides information on the activities already undertaken of each of the eight areas of the work programme. To access the content of the activities click on the respective button.

Mandated in decision 1/CP.16
Forum at SB 34

Forum at SB 35

Mandated in decision 8/CP.17
Area (a)

Area (b)

Area (c)

Area (d)

Area (e)

Area (f)

Area (g)

Area (h)