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Impact of the implementation of response measures

Parties shall take into full consideration, in the implementation of the commitments of the Convention, the specific needs and concerns of developing country Parties arising from the impact of the implementation of response measures. When addressing climate change concerns, the Kyoto Protocol commits Parties to strive to minimize adverse economic, social and environmental impacts on other Parties, especially developing country Parties, and in particular those identified in Articles 4.8 and 4.9 of the Convention, taking into account Article 3 of the Convention. Article 4.8 of the Convention and Articles 2.3 and 3.14 of the Kyoto Protocol provide a basis for addressing the impact of the implementation of response measures. Response measures are further being addressed in the context of the Bali Roadmap process, the Cancun Agreements and the Durban Outcome as outlined below.

Outlook to SB 41





During the last sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies, Parties had very fruitful discussions on the conclusion of the review of the work of the forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures, and made submissions of proposals regarding a draft decision to take the work forward.

The SBs also requested the secretariat to prepare a technical paper on areas of convergence related to areas of cooperation (FCCC/TP/2014/12), as well as a synthesis paper (FCCC/SB/2014/INF.4), for consideration at SB 41.

At SB 41, Parties will continue discussions on how to take the way forward. The sessions will take place from 1-12 December 2014 in Lima, Peru.

Submissions from Parties on options to strengthen opportunities for cooperation and collaboration among Parties are published here. And submissions from observer organizations on the same issue are published here.