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Technical Briefing

The fortieth session of Subsidiary Body of Implementation (SBI) requested the secretariat to arrange annual technical briefings in conjunction with the meetings of the subsidiary bodies and, in this regard, prepare written information, including an update to document FCCC/SBI/2014/INF.10, to allow for an exchange of views on updated information on NAMAs and support for NAMAs under the registry, including the extent of matching between them.


 10 Nov 2016, Marrakech, Morocco
 pdf-icon Agenda (152 kB)
pdf-icon The UNFCCC NAMA Registry (1425 kB)
pdf-icon Registry for Nationally Determined Contributions(NDCs) (2209 kB)
 pdf-icon NAMA: a vehicle towards the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (1253 kB)
4 June 2015, Bonn, Germany
pdf-icon Agenda (22 kB)
pdf-icon Technical Briefing Flyer (241 kB)
pdf-icon Updates on the Status of the Registry (1173 kB)
pdf-icon Realizing the potential of the NAMA registry (414 kB)
pdf-icon Report on Technical Briefing (511 kB) , Magazine Version

Side Events on the Registry

The secretariat has established the practice of briefing parties and other relevant stakeholders on operational status, challenges and ways ahead for the NAMA registry during SB and COP sessions. This event is expected to spread a message that the NAMA registry is fully operational and providing support to Parties and other relevant registry users as envisioned by COP decisions.

2 December 2015, Paris, France
pdf-icon Agenda (234 kB)
Side Event Flyer
pdf-icon Making the best use of the NAMA Registry (1852 kB)

pdf-icon NAMA Partnership support to development of technical materials (1134 kB)

pdf-icon  FAO learning tool on NAMAs in the agriculture, forestry and other land use sector (716 kB)
pdf-icon  Enabling Technology Transfer (1134 kB)
 pdf-icon Report on UNFCCC COP21 Side Event (624 kB)