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Support for NAMA registry users
The NAMA registry manual provides an overview of all of the registry’s functions and the roles and responsibilities for registry users. This document should be the first stop for registry users with questions about how to operate the registry.  Link to the pdf-icon NAMA registry manual (1188 kB) .

pdf-icon Frequently asked questions (312 kB) about the registry.


pdf-icon Fact Sheet 1  -  The NAMA approver role (237 kB)

pdf-icon Fact Sheet 2 -  The NAMA registry and regional NAMAs (244 kB)

Recorded webinars:

1. NAMA Approvers forum (May 2013)               -  Webinar

                                                                                  -  pdf-icon Powerpoint presentation (508 kB)

2. NAMA Approvers forum (October 2013)       -  pdf-icon Powerpoint presentation - English (125 kB)

                                                                                  - pdf-icon Powerpoint presentation - French (156 kB)

 Demonstration of Registry functions

1. Creating a NAMA

2. Editing a NAMA

3. Creating a Support entry


Access the NAMA wiki for information on NAMAs and the negotiations, training related to NAMAs, publications covering NAMAs, material from UNFCCC workshops and participate in on-line discussions about NAMAs.

Examples of country level requirements and guidance for preparing NAMA entries for the registry:

Serbia  -  pdf-icon NAMA Development Guideline of the Republic of Serbia (4130 kB)

Lebanon - pdf-icon The NAMA Governance Structure in Lebanon (1055 kB)

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