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NAMA Registry
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The NAMA Registry is a publicly available online platform operated by the UNFCCC Secretariat. Its purpose is to increase opportunities for implementation of and recognition for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in developing countries.

The registry allows developing countries to record information for all NAMAs seeking support for development or implementation, whether they are smaller individual projects or larger national initiatives by sector. Parties are also encouraged to enter information for NAMAs that they have implemented without external support in order to be recognized for their mitigation efforts.

Another essential purpose of the registry is to facilitate Financial, Capacity-Building, and Technology support for NAMAs by providing Annex I Parties and Organisations a mechanism to publicly announce their available resources.

Anyone can Browse and Search the NAMA Registry.


NAMA Developers, NAMA Approvers, and Support Editors can submit information to the NAMA Registry with one of the following special access rights:

1.) pdf-icon NAMA Developers (175 kB) can Create, Edit, Update, and Delete their own NAMA entries as well as Submit them for approval. Please contact your National Focal Point or National NAMA Approver for access to the registry. A list of Registered NAMA Approvers is available here: pdf-icon Registered NAMA Approvers (72 kB) .

2.) NAMA Approvers are responsible for approving all individual NAMAs for their country before they are recorded in the Registry. They may Create, Edit, Update, and Delete entries for their country, as well as approve access for "NAMA Developers." There is only one Username and Password for this role for each developing country Party.

To request access for a NAMA Approver or NAMA Developer have your National Focal Point complete the necessary NAMA Approver form and submit it to:

3.) pdf-icon Support Editors (188 kB) can Create and Submit entries to indicate support of NAMAs. Developed Country Parties, and Public and Private Organizations with programs of support relevant to NAMAs may receive Support Editor Access to the NAMA registry.

To request access for a Support Editor complete the necessary Support Editor form below: Imageand submit it to:

How to Submit a Registry Entry by E-Mail
Registry entries can be submitted via e-mail if that is preferable to using the online system. The process for this is explained in section 6.2 of the pdf-icon NAMA Registry Manual (1188 kB) .

Templates for email submission are available here:

Note that as per the instructions in the manual, these templates can only be submitted by the relevant National Focal Point to the NAMA registry team email address

The Conference of Parties (COP), at its sixteenth session, decided to set up a registry to record nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) seeking international support, to facilitate the matching of finance, technology and capacity-building support with these actions, and to recognize other NAMAs.

The NAMA registry has been developed in accordance with decisions 1/CP.16, paragraph 53, and 2/CP.17, paragraph 45. Accordingly participation is voluntary and only information that has been specifically requested for recording in the NAMA registry is found in this platform.

The NAMA registry has not been designed to perform functions of measurement, reporting and verification of mitigation actions and support. The Conference of Parties has agreed on other mechanisms for that purpose pursuant to decisions 1/CP.16 and 2/CP.17.

News and Updates

Reports on the Registry

pdf-icon First Annual Report to COP

pdf-icon Second Annual Report to COP

pdf-icon Report on Extent of Matching
Decisions on the Registry
pdf-icon Decision 1/CP.16

pdf-icon Decision 2/CP.17

pdf-icon Decision 16/CP.18

pdf-icon Conclusions from SBI 39

Conclusions from SB40

pdf-icon Conclusions from SB41
Support for Registry Users
pdf-icon Registry User's Manual

(PDF)Frequently asked questions

Registry Fact Sheets and More....

External Resources for NAMA Developers and Support Entities

pdf-icon Guidance for NAMA Design, Building on Country Experiences (2951 kB)

pdf-icon Steps for Moving a NAMA from Idea towards Implementation

pdf-icon Developing Financeable NAMAs, A Practitioner's Guide

International Partnerships supporting preparation and implementation of NAMAs:

International Partnership on NAMAs

Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDs) Global Partnership

International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV

Partnership for Market Readiness