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Membership of the LEG

The LEG is constituted of 13 experts (Decisions 29/CP.7 and 6/CP.16), as follows:

(a) Five from African LDC Parties;
(b) Two from Asian LDC Parties;
(c) Two from small island LDC Parties;
(d) One from an LDC Party;
(e) Three from Annex II Parties.

Current members are:

Mr. Erwin Künzi, Austria (Annex II)
Ms. Sonam Lhaden Khandu, Bhutan (Asia) - Vice-chair
Mr. Idrissa Semde, Burkina Faso (Africa)
Ms. Beth Lavender, Canada (Annex II
Mr. Kenel Delusca, Haiti (SIDS)
Ms. Michelle Winthrop, Ireland (Annex II)
Mr. Benon Yassin, Malawi (Africa) - Anglophone rapporteur
Mr. Naresh Sharma, Nepal (Asia)
Mr. Aderito Santana, Sao Tome and Principe (SIDS) - Lusophone rapporteur
Ms. Hana Hamadalla Mohamed, Sudan (Africa)
Mr. Adao Soares Barbosa, Timor Leste (Asia)
Ms. Mery Yaou, Togo (Africa) - Francophone rapporteur
Mr. Fredrick Manyika, Tanzania (Africa)

List of past members of the LEG

Last updated 1 January 2018

Information on the election and membership of the bodies of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol here