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Social media participation during the second workshop on long-term finance


As part of the work programme on long-term finance, a second transparent and interactive UNFCCC workshop on long-term finance will take place 1-3 October at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Around 150 representatives from governments, financial institutions, the private sector, civil society and academia are expected to attend the workshop. Users will be able to follow parts of the second workshop via live webcast and put questions, comments and information in relation to the on-going discussions via Twitter, which will then be answered by the presenters and moderators at the end of the respective webcast sessions (please see schedule below).

How to participate via Twitter:

To participate, all you need is a Twitter account. Sign in at and follow the hashtag #LTFchat to keep track of the Twitter conversation. You can use the same hashtag in your posts if you would like to comment to all users following the conversation. If you want to ask a question during the workshop, put it to @UN_climatetalks. You would also need to follow the @UN_climatetalks account in order to see questions and comments from other users and the respective answers.

How to participate via Facebook:

The UNFCCC secretariat has established a dedicated Facebook page:, where you can leave comments and post material relevant to long-term climate finance. To sign up to the event page and receive updates via email, click onto the cogwheel symbol on top right hand of the page. If you haven’t already, you first need to create your own Facebook account. When you have done that, please also “like” the page.

For the webcast schedule please click here.

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