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Message by the Co-Chairs of the work programme on long-term finance June 2012

Dear colleagues,

The Conference of the Parties (COP), at its seventeenth session, decided to undertake a work programme on long-term finance in 2012, including workshops, in order to make progress on long-term finance in the context of decision 1/CP.16, paragraphs 97–101.

To ensure a robust and all-inclusive work programme, we held consultations with Parties and stakeholders during the 36th session of the subsidiary bodies in Bonn in May 2012, with a view to better inform the conceptualization and implementation of the work programme. Our aim was to gather views in an open and transparent manner on the following:

(a) Key themes to be discussed in the context of the work programme on long-term finance; and

(b) The modalities for conducting this work programme, such as workshops, a discussion forum and other supporting activities.

The consultations showed considerable amount of convergence in the comments and suggestions in relation to the modalities and the overarching key themes that should underpin the work programme on long-term finance. We would like to thank those that have shared views on how the work programme should unfold in the coming months.

With this note, we would like to provide information on next steps based on the elements discussed at the second informal consultation meeting held on 22 May in Bonn. Further updated information will be found on the web pagefor the work programme.

Workshops: As announced, we will organise two workshops. The first will take place on 9-11 July in Bonn, the second in September at a time and place to be announced.

Based on the inputs and suggestions received, the following thematic pillars have been identified which should underpin both the first and the second workshops:

  • Analysis of options for the mobilization of resources from a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources, and their linkages;
  • Analysis of the relevant analytical work on climate-related financing needs of developing countries;
  • Integration of lessons learnt from fast start finance and best practices from developing and developed country experiences in the analysis of sources and needs;
  • Exploration of the interface between public and private finance, including approaches to leverage private climate finance;
  • Identification of enabling environments that can unlock and foster increased climate finance flows for mitigation and adaption;
  • Exploration of delivery mechanisms that could play a role in channeling climate finance.

Following a thorough analysis of the various scenarios, we came to the conclusion that the agenda for the workshops should be structured so that discussions are brought over from the first to the second workshop. We therefore also encourage participants to follow the work programme as one continuous exercise.

E-forum: We are currently working to set up the announced E- forum by the end of June, at which time a message with instructions will be posted on the web page for the work programme.

Webinar (web-based seminar): A webinar will be organised in between the first and second workshops serving as a bridging communication tool. Relevant information about the webinar will be posted on the web page for the work programme.

Finally, an agenda for the first workshop will be posted on the web page, together with a background information note and the accompanying logistical information. Invitation letters will be sent to the regional coordinators soon to nominate a limited number of funded developing country experts to participate in the workshop.

We look forward to your participation in the work programme.

                                         Mr. Georg Børsting
            Co-Chair of the work programme on long-term finance

                                         Mr. Zaheer Fakir   
            Co-Chair of the work programme on long-term finance

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