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What is Article 6 of the Convention?

It is important that education, training and public awareness on climate change have a specific place - Article 6 - in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Understanding the reasons for climate change and its impacts are of critical importance to grasp the urgency of why everyone must act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible, and to adapt societies and economies to the climate change which is already in the system. It is equally critical that all parts of government, society and economy understand and therefore choose to act upon the huge range of opportunities and co-benefits that arise from this mitigation and adaptation action.  

Renewable energy and energy efficiency, cutting pollution, cleaning environments, making societies more resilient to climate change also have immediate results in reduced costs and risks, better returns and new employment opportunities for governments, business and individuals, producing healthier and more prosperous conditions across society.

Action under Article 6 places great importance on achieving education, training and public awareness at both global and local level, whether it be school or university students, teachers, workers, farmers, government officials, investors or business leaders. Solving climate change is the door through which we will make a global transformation to a sustainable future and everyone has something to learn and to contribute to that debate and to that goal.

In short, Article 6 seeks to reduce the impact of climate change by enabling society to be a part of the solution.

The workshops on Article 6 of the Convention facilitate the exchange of good practices between Parties and other stakeholders. More>>

Key Milestones in the Evolution of Article 6 of the Convention
Article 6 of the Convention is negotiated during the sessions of the Subsidiary Body of Implementation (SBI). More>>