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Side events - National Economic, Environment and Development Study (NEEDS) for Climate Change Project

Bonn - June 2011

During the June session of the Subsidiary Body of Implementation in Bonn, June 2011, the UNFCCC secretariat, together with UNDP, organized a side event in relation to the NEEDS project. The objective of this side event was to showcase the work of developing countries in undertaking national assessments of the financial needs required to address climate change in key sectors, including practical experiences and lessons learned from these assessments.

Speakers during the side event included Ms Bernarditas Muller (the Philippines) who spoke on policy context and perspective;Mr Amjad Abdulla (the Maldives) who presented key conclusions and lessons learned;Mr Petrus Muteyauli (Namibia) presenting the UNDP methodology and key results;as well as Ms Carola Borja (Ecuador) highlighting challenges and lessons learned.

Some of the presentations can be found here:

  • Challenges and lessons learned Ecuador
  • Assessing the investments required to address climate change in key sectors Namibia

Copenhagen - December 2009

A high-level side event was organised during the proceedings of the 16th session of the Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to present the Initial Summary Report. The side event was held on 17 December 2009.

Senior officials attended the side event to provide an update of the country studies, including Her Excelllency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Republic of the Philippines, who gave the opening remarks. The interim report contains initial information gathered by seven participating countries under the NEEDS project.

Updated 22 December 2011