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Detailed analysis by sectors prepared for background paper



  • Energy Supply: (PDF) Moomaw Bill. W (99 kB) . 2007 Energy Supply: Overview of current sources of investments and financing , energy Consumptions and GHG emissions under reference and mitigation scenarios.
  • Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency:  (PDF) Greenwood C, Hohler A and Hunt G (182 kB) .  New Energy Finance.  2007. UNFCCC report on investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  
  • Energy subsidies: (PDF) Morgan T. (129 kB)   2007.  Energy subsidies: their magnitude, how they affect energy investment and GHG emissions, and prospects for reform.
  • Carbon capture and storage: (PDF) Hendriks. C (429 kB) . 2007 Carbon di-oxide Capture and Storage
  • Transportation: (PDF) Greene D. (103 kB)   2007.  Opportunities for greenhouse gas mitigation in transport and implications for investment.
  • Building, industry and waste: (PDF) Nyboer J and Sharp J (203 kB) .  2007.  Mitigation: industry, buildings and waste
  • Agriculture: (PDF) Verchot L (783 kB) .  2007.  Opportunities for climate change mitigation agriculture and investment requirements to take advantage of these opportunities: a report to the UNFCCC Secretariat Financial and Technical Support Programme.
  • Forestry:
    • (PDF) Blaser J (172 kB) and Robledo C.  2007.  Initial analysis on the mitigation potential in the forestry sector.
    • (PDF)  Trines. E (511 kB)   . 2007.  Final report on investment flows and finance scheme in the forestry sector with particular reference to developing countries needs: A report for the secretariat of the UNFCCC.
  • Technology R&D:  (PDF) Garibaldi J. (617 kB)   2007.  Scaling up responses to climate change: technology and R&D investment and an environment for a low carbon technology deployment.


  • Human health: pdf-icon Ebi . K. 2007 (1796 kB) .  Health impact of climate change.
  • Natural ecosystem:  (PDF) Berry P. (320 kB) 2007.  Adaptation options on natural ecosystem: a report to the UNFCCC secretariat financial and technical support division.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries: (PDF) McCarl B. (111 kB)   2007.  Adaptation options for agriculture, forestry and fisheries: a report to the UNFCCC Secretariat Financial and Technical Support Division.
  • Water supply:  (PDF) Kirshen P (228 kB) .  2007.  Adaptation options and cost in water supply.
  • Extreme Events:  (PDF) Dlugolecki A (288 kB) . 2007.  The cost of extreme events in 2030: a report for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Infrastructure: (PDF) Satterthwaite D (130 kB) .  2007.  Adaptation options for infrastructure in developing countries.
  • Coastal zone:  (PDF) Nicholls R (135 kB) .  2007.  Adaptation options for coastal areas and infrastructure: an analysis for 2030

Other topics 

  • Carbon market: (PDF) Haites E (709 kB) .  2007.  The carbon market
  • Scenario analysis: (PDF) Van Vuuren D (227 kB) . 2007 Scenarios in the context of assessment of mitigation and adaptation
  • Financing:  (PDF) Gentry B (269 kB) (268 kB) .  2007.  Summary of investment flows versus needs & Investing in a low-carbon, more climate-proof future: options, tools and mechanisms.
  • Data set used for the preparation of the background paper