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Progress made at second meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board

Important issues were discussed at this second meeting, where the work plan of the Board for 2008 was adopted. The report of the first meeting was also adopted, although several issues relating to the role and responsibilities of the Adaptation Fund Board remained unresolved.

With regard to the question of provisional operational policies and guidelines for Parties to access resources from the Adaptation Fund, members and alternates were invited to provide input, based on the outline approved, to the Secretariat by 7 July 2008.

It was agreed that revised provisional operational policies and guidelines would be discussed at the third meeting of the Board, which will take place in Bonn from 9 to 12 September 2008. Concern was voiced at the shortfall of funding to support the work of the Adaptation Fund Board in the interim. The Chair, Mr. Richard Muyungi (United Republic of Tanzania, Least developed Countries) was asked to raise this serious matter with the President of the COP/CMP and to explore additional ways of securing adequate funding.

Following the resignation of the Vice-Chair, Ms. Marita Steinke (Germany), in order to take up a new post in her country’s Government, Mr. Naoya Tsukamoto (Japan, Annex I Parties) was elected as Vice-Chair of the Board for the period 2008-2009.