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Lights, Camera, Marrakech - Win Your Way to COP22



The Competition

If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 we want to hear about your inspiring actions. Think about a project or campaign you are involved in to combat climate change, an action which convinced your parents, school or college to take climate action, a lobbying of your elected members of parliament or your city leaders. Whatever is making a difference, turn it into a snappy concise 3 minute video and join the competition.


The Prizes

Each winner will receive:

• Round trip to COP22/CMP12 in Marrakech, Morocco from 7 November to 18 November 2016 (inclusive of accommodation and other expenses); and

• Position as a youth reporter for COP22/CMP12, responsible for assisting UNFCCC Newsroom team with videos, articles and social media posts.


• Climate action: submit videos explaining how your activities have helped to address climate change

• Public awareness: submit videos showcasing your efforts to raise public awareness around climate change


How to enter

Make a three-minute video about your activities and submit your entry using  the Global Youth Video Competition entry form.


Examples of submissions

Climate action
• Stories showcasing the implementation of climate-friendly development activities, including clean energy, energy efficiency and adaptation projects;
• Stories showcasing your contribution to implementation of specific climate policies on a local or national level.

Public awareness
• Stories showcasing how you are carrying out awareness-raising activities to convince parents, teachers, schools, employers or local/national governments to take climate action;
• Stories showcasing formal/non-formal mechanisms/spaces that enable dialogue between young people and companies or government representatives on climate action;
• Stories showcasing ways that you have contributed to the development of climate-friendly policies or regulations;
• Stories showcasing how you have organized a successful divestment campaign.

Start date: 20 May 2016
End date: 30 August 2016


Rules and Regulations

The competition is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 30.

To submit your video, and learn more about the Rules and Regulations go to the tve-biomovie website.
The Global Youth Video Competition is collaboration between the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the UNDP GEF-Small Grants Programme.