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Regional Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean on Article 6 of the Convention

Ocean Blue and Sand Resort
Bavaro, Dominican Republic
27–30 April 2010

The Regional Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean on Article 6 of the Convention, organized in response to a request by the Conference of Parties at its thirteenth session (Bali, December 2007) (decision 9/CP.13), contributed to the intermediate review of progress in 2010, to evaluate its effectiveness and identify emerging gaps and opportunities.

The discussions at the workshop contributed to assessing the level of implementation of the New Delhi work programme in the region, identifying needs and persistent gaps, with a view to making recommendations on how to enhance the level of implementation of Article 6 activities and to contribute to the interim review process.

Purpose and objectives

  • Share experiences, lessons learned and best practices in developing and implementing education and outreach activities, including practical examples of such activities;
  • To develop options and strategies for strengthening and expanding these activities;
  • To promote greater regional and international cooperation on implementing the New Delhi Work Programme.

Expected outcomes

  • Experiences of Parties;
  • Experiences of relevant IGOs and NGOs;
  • Opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation;
  • Promotion of and training on CC:iNet to facilitate sharing of information.


Participants from 21 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), representatives from Spain, the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and national and regional experts from NGOs, youth organizations and trade unions participated in the workshop. The workshop, which took place over three and a half days, was structured around 18 presentations and four small working group sessions. The first day was dedicated to best practices for involving the public in the implementation of Article 6, on tools for networking and information exchange promoted by the United Nations system, such as CC:iNet and UN CC:Learn, and on reporting on the implementation of Article 6 in LAC; the second day was devoted to awareness raising issues, in particular among children and young people; during the third day discussions were centered on promotion of regional and international cooperation, and education and training efforts related to climate change; in the fourth day the results of a survey on national and regional priorities in the implementation of Article 6 and the amended New Delhi work programme in LAC were presented. In the course of the last session the workshop participants outlined a number of recommendations, which the SBI may wish to consider in providing further support to the implementation of the amended New Delhi work programme in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Documents and information


Information for participants

Los Sindicatos y el cambio Climático (30848) Power of One Child + One Tree = A Sustainable Future for All (30850) Climate4Classrooms (30851


Day 1 - Public Participation
pdf-icon One UN Training Service Platform on Climate Change - UN CC:Learn (1887 kB) Alla Metelitsa, UNFCCC on behalf of Achim Halpaap UNITAR 
pdf-icon PROYECTO INTEGRADO DE ADAPTACIÓN NACIONAL (INAP) COLOMBIA (1887 kB) Carmen Briceida Rodriguez Medina
Growing Together in a Changing Climate - UN Interagency Framework ( pdf-icon English (1482 kB) /  pdf-icon Spanish (1482 kB) ) Luis Davila, UNFCCC
pdf-icon Taller Regional de la Implementación del Artículo 6 de la Convención en la región de América Latina y el Caribe - Metodología (501 kB) Adriana Valenzuela
pdf-icon Public Participation related to National Communications to the UNFCCC - Experience of Brazil (872 kB) Haroldo Machado Fiho
pdf-icon Social Consequences of Climate Change - Advocating Multi-sectoral Climate Change Education for Child Rights; Quality Education, Water and Sanitation, Health, Nutrition and Participation (967 kB) Stephanie Hodge
pdf-icon Artículo 6 de la CMNUCC& el Programa de Trabajo de Nueva Delhi (506 kB) Luis Davila, UNFCCC
pdf-icon Palabras de Apertura del Lic. Omar Ramírez Tejada, Secretario de Estado, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo del Consejo Nacional para el Cambio Climático y El Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio (277 kB) Lic. Omar Ramírez Tejada
Day 2 - Regional & International Cooperation, Education & Training
pdf-icon Los Jóvenes & Cambio Climático (3153 kB)   Vanessa T. Dalmau
pdf-icon COSTA RICA, Y LA CARBONO NEUTRALIDAD (4755 kB)   Kristel Heinrich
pdf-icon Proyecto Piloto "Clima en Accion Tiempo de Cambio" (2742 kB) Juan Diego Valenzuela
pdf-icon Cambio Climático y Medios de Comunicación (1103 kB)   Moisés Álvarez e Isabel Santos
Day 3 - Public Awareness and Access to Information
pdf-icon Respuestas al CC desde la Comunicación y la Educación - Líneas de trabajo en España (625 kB)   Isabel Garrote
pdf-icon Resultados del taller regional europeo sobre el Artículo 6 Una visión personal (403 kB)   Francisco Heras Hernández
Honduras Advances On Climate Change Public Education And Awareness Actions (pdf-icon English (2247 kB)   / pdf-icon Spanish (2591 kB) Mirza Castro
pdf-icon Desarrollo de capacidades locales, educación y generación de conciencia ciudadana en México (1553 kB)   Karina Leal Hernández
pdf-icon Los Sindicatos y el cambio Climático (1570 kB)   Massiel Figuereo
pdf-icon Power of One Child + One Tree = A Sustainable Future for All (1267 kB)   Donna Goodman
pdf-icon Climate4Classrooms (621 kB)   Christopher Palmer